By: Matthew Bloom and Jessie Wang
Staff Reporters

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  1. Reading Jane Austen novels (Sorry Ms. Stackhouse)
  2. A bowl of room-temperature soup
  3. Bing as a default search browser
  4. When you’re done standardized testing 30 minutes early and you have to wait for that one person who takes the whole time and you’re not allowed to draw or read or anything
  5. C-SPAN
  6. A long visit to the toilet… without your phone
  7. You know when you’re about to leave a family get-together and your mom starts a conversation with one of your relatives that you don’t really know at all but you’re stuck just standing there while they talk about you and your ~accomplishments~ but it’s been 20 minutes and you wanna go home and eat ice cream? Yeah that.
  8. Tuesdays
  9. Watching snow gently falling outside while contemplating the ephemeral nature of life. And the month of March.
  10. Reading last year’s Time magazines at the dentist’s office

Posted by Matthew Bloom

Matthew is a 12th grader at Atholton High School. He likes to play sports and play the piano. His favorite classes in school are history and math.

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