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Jaylynn Floyd

February 19th, 2019

Silence fell over the crowd. The curtains parted and the stage was soon filled with dancers kicking, dropping, and spinning all over the place. 2019 started off with an explosion of imagination as dancers from Atholton dance classes took to the stage to perform their winter concert called “Let Your Imagination Be.”

On January 18th, eager enthusiastic parents, teachers, and students in the community had the opportunity to see the dancers take the stage and show off their kicks, spins, and jumps. Dancers practiced in the days leading up to the Friday concert preparing for the concert.

“We normally have dress and tech rehearsals but due to inclement weather many of our rehearsals were canceled. We  eventually started working during classes but in the end it had a great outcome,” said Carley Cummins, reflecting on their preparation for the concert. Their hard work in the end paid off, since the dance concerts were a success: with both of the evening shows almost being sold completely out, the audience members were taken back by the productions.

“It was unlike any other school event I’ve ever attended. It made me feel all types of feelings: excitement, sadness, and joy,” said sophomore Jessica Nguyen. She finished her statement by saying that she may even take dance senior year because she was so inspired by the show.

Going along with the theme of imagination, the dances varied from a 1920’s flapper girls

aesthetic to more modern techno dances. With such contrasting dances, the overall message that the concert was trying to convey to let your imagination run wild.

“They were demonstrating the conflict and the emotions of the dancers’ characters,” said sophomore Matthew Bridges. He continued to say that he liked the emotion being portrayed by the dancers, such as the dance “Retrograde.”

The grand finale of the concert began with a light hum of a guitar. Mrs. Haffey’s child came onto the stage, and started to act as if she was at the beach. The dancers then came into the audience and started dancing excitedly with her. Finally, the concert ended with a techno themed dance, paired with glowing night vision glasses and futuristic-robotic-modern dance. “The lighting at time had the ability to show euphoria,” said Matthew Bridges about the effects of the finale had on him. He stated that he enjoyed how they ended such a well produced show with an effective and packed ending.

Posted by jayfloydd

Jaylynn is a sophomore and currently 15 years young. When she grows up and goes to college, she plans on dual majoring in communications and computer science. She plans on moving to Seattle or New York an pursue a career in journalism or freelance with computer science. She likes writing and she loves dogs.

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