Sweat from the tired senior players and encouraging chants from the sideline filled the main gym at Atholton High School during the Teacher vs. Senior volleyball tournament. Later, basketball players partook in the March Madness finals and the South Asian Association took the floor to show off their talents. This, of course, is the Raider Rally, hosted on Thursday, April 11 by the Student Government Association (SGA).

“We love the school spirit that Homecoming brings, and we wanted to make sure that we carry that school spirit throughout the year into the spring,” said senior and executive co-president of SGA, Jessie Zinderman. She was thrilled to boot up school spirit as a last hoorah for the seniors before they graduate.

To set up and organize for the Raider Rally, the Exec Board of SGA had to first discuss with administration the logistics many times and also “got permission to use the gym and some equipment, and also worked with class officers to find participants for the activities,” said Zinderman. On the day of the rally, class officers and SGA members came in early to help set the gym up and add their extra touches to their final product.

The Raider Rally kicked off with the sophomore and junior volleyball teams battling it out fiercely on the gym floor. After a few points made by both teams, the junior team pulled through and beat the sophomores. Their winning streak, however, was sadly ended when the seniors crushed them and later the staff team with yelling and cheering from seniors on the sideline echoing all over the gym. “I feel like it could of been better if there were more people, but in the end it was still enjoyable to watch” said sophomore and spectator Kelsey Irvin about the volleyball games.

The next event on the list was the senior lip sync battle. The seniors went to the gym floor and they all came together in the center of the gym. They danced in sync and sang to both Old Town Road by Lil Nas, and Soulja Boy with smiles and laughs never leaving their faces.

This was followed by a dance performance from the South Asian Association and then the March Madness finals. “I think we did well, but the crowd cheered and that’s all that matters,” stated junior and member of the South Asian Association, Renee Sen, about their performance.  They quickly had the crowd in awe with their amazing dancing skills. The group ended their dance routine by inviting and engaging people in the audience to come and finish their dance with them.

The Raider Rally was a close gathering of people from all classes trying to showcase their school spirit. From a March Madness basketball game, to volleyball games, all the way to a dance performance from the South Asian Association, the Raider Rally was certainly a great way to end the school year.

Posted by jayfloydd

Jaylynn is a sophomore and currently 15 years young. When she grows up and goes to college, she plans on dual majoring in communications and computer science. She plans on moving to Seattle or New York an pursue a career in journalism or freelance with computer science. She likes writing and she loves dogs.

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