Noah Kim

Staff Reporter

May 5, 2019

What is The Red Cross Club? It is a club that is out to save peoples’ lives. It is out to make the world a better place for the future and humanity. It is directly part of the Red Cross organization. Their connection means they help the Red Cross Organization contribute to solving worldwide problems to make a big difference.

Most of the activities that the club does are sponsored by the organization. Many people in the school and the community  are given the opportunity to learn about what the Red Cross Organization does.

Two weeks ago, The Red Cross Club hosted their yearly blood drive in the gym for shelters across Maryland and uses for the Red Cross organization such as research. Students were able to leave their classes to register for the blood donation.

“I just want to help some people out and also, it’s kind of fun,” said Ashish Sharma, a senior who, like many others, wants to help his community. He agrees that the event will make a difference and will “help people out or go to research so hopefully if I have something in my blood, it’ll help at least one person out.” Many people had been in line for registration, so Sharma was not alone on his sentiment.

Many members of the Club were working hard to make sure the entire event would run smoothly. Club member sophomore Yara Ayache, who registers people for the donations, believes that “It is more involved with the community and I feel it helps students realize that they can make a big impact.” Ayache explained that “other clubs will do volunteer services, this one is associated with subjects across the world.” She says that participators will learn about what the people need and how they can contribute.

The Red Cross Club has made a valuable effort to make not only our school, but our world a better place. The events they hold, the people they save will contribute and hopefully open some eyes to how students of Atholton can help their community. How they can make a change for the better. Atholton, and its students will continue to support the Red Cross Club.

Posted by nkim9183

Noah is a junior at Atholton high school. He aspires to become a professional writer. He wastes no time when it comes to the latest story. Without experience, he dove into the art of journalism. He tries to improve on his work every time.

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