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Gabe Davila
Staff reporter

    Every Tuesday and Thursday, the cracking of bats can be heard ringing in the gym as Atholtons Allied Softball team faces off with their foe. Commandeered by club sponsor Mr. Stuppy and manager Cameron Okolita, the club leaves it all on the field in every game.

    “What I like about allied sports is that it does have that fun factor and is very competitive, but it is shorter and has a shorter season which is great time wise. But I really like it because it gives kids who otherwise don’t get to play sports get the opportunity to play,” said Mr. Stuppy.

    Mr. Stuppy, an English teacher and sponsor of three of four allied sports programs at Atholton for four years, loves to see all the kids playing and having fun, but the vibe of competition still lingers. He tries, and succeeds, in finding a medium between competition and recreation, and likes giving those opportunities to kids that do not get to play for the varsity teams. “I love it. It’s fun; we have great seasons, great opportunities,” he added.

    Although the team only mustered a single tie this season, having fun was the main goal, and it was certainly achieved.

    “Every season has a highlight,” said Stuppy, who added that his personal highlight of sponsoring the team was when “our allied softball won county champions. 6 and 0; undefeated.”     

    After the tiring hours of school most people look for an outlet for them to be in a more relaxed environment. To some, allied softball is that outlet. At the end of the day, the record is not what matters to the team; rather, it’s the experiences they have and the friends they make along the way.

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