Jackson Howard

Staff Reporter

June 4, 2019

You can play the role of someone else that you have always wanted to be by joining the Atholton High School Role Playing Club.

The Atholton Role Playing Club (RPG) meets every Thursday after school from 2:45-4:00 p.m. The club is sponsored by history teacher, Mr. Braun, who created the club sixteen years ago.

“I think that the players enjoy having their own story that they play in,where they can make the choices that they want to make,” explained junior, Rachel Kaschak who decided to join the club because of how fun and interactive the club was for her.

The RPG Club provides a fun and unique environment where people are able to be themselves and as creative as they want to be. Additionally, this club helps the club members become more willing to interact with their fellow peers that are there for them when needed.

Catherine Sympson, a senior expanded on how the club helps students build friendships. “We are able to find out who people are and we can bond even more closely.” These new relationships continue building and stay connected after high school as well.

For many clubs, it usually takes quite a while for a club to actually become an active club at a school. Mr Braun, the sponsor of the RPG club talked about some of the challenges involved into the creation of a club. “The challenges depend on the club because sometimes the kids come to the teacher with an idea for a club, said Braun. “Also, sometimes the sponsor (teacher) starts the club thinking that it is something that students would like to do and that is an example of the Role Playing club that I started sixteen years ago.”

Role playing games has become a massively popular activity that people around the world enjoy playing on a daily basis. The Washington Post wrote a story about the increased popularity of Dungeon and Dragons, a different role playing game. Mr. Braun joyfully explained his excitement about role playing games becoming more popular. “I see a lot of value in role playing game educationally which is why I started the club so many years ago. It involves all academic subjects, forces people to interact with each other [and] gives students who may not know how to interact well with their peers [a chance], so I am glad it is becoming more popular because those things are all positive aspects.”

The RPG club is the place to be for new experiences and activities to do after school with your friends. If you are still questioning whether or not to join, let sophomore, Emma Donohue change your mind, “It is a great way to meet new people while having a lot of fun.”

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