Abideen Jallow and RJ Brown
June 5 2019
Staff Reporters

The NBA is nearing the end of the season as we are now in the Finals of the Playoffs. So RJ and I are going to give our analysis on how we think the NBA Finals is going to turn out.

Which team will win the NBA Finals?

Abideen: The Raptors will win the NBA Finals because this is their first time going to the Finals since the 1940’s so they are hungrier than ever. They have a top 5 player on their team in Kawhi Leonard who is the best two-way player in the league. Role players on the Raptors have also stepped up throughout the playoffs, giving them good odds of being able to win games.

RJ: The Warriors will win the NBA Finals because they are the greatest basketball team ever.  The NBA is the best basketball league in the world with only the greatest basketball players in it and the Warriors have five of the the top 15 players in the league.  The Warriors have won one out of the first two games and this is without Kevin Durant who is arguably the best player in the world right now.

Who will win Finals MVP?

Abideen: Kawhi Leonard will win Finals MVP because he’s been leading his team to victory all throughout the playoffs. The level of his defense puts him above others who can’t defend like he can. Along with his versatile style of offense, he can become unstoppable.

RJ: Steph Curry will win finals MVP as he has took his game to an even better level with Kevin Durant out.  In the first game he did the majority of the scoring as he scored 31 points to go along with 5 rebounds and 5 assist and in game two he scored 23 points to go along with 3 rebounds 4 assist and 3 steals.

Will Kevin Durant ever return in this series?

Abideen: KD won’t return to the series because he believes his team can win the Finals without him. He never had any doubt that they couldn’t pull it off so he continues to watch. Also, his injury is actually serious which prevents him from returning.

RJ: KD will not return unless there is a game 7.  The Warriors really do not need him to win this serious and  the injury is a lot more serious than they thought it was when it first happened.  The Warriors will probably sit him for the remainder of this series because they wouldn’t want him to return unless he is 100%.

Who will average the most points in the series?

Abideen: Pascal Siakam will average the most points because he is very aggressive and looks to score at will. He doesn’t hold back when the basket is his main goal to get to. His love and passion for the game will also contribute to his scoring performances.

RJ: Steph Curry will average the most points in this series as he will most likely get the chance to attempt the most shots with Kevin Durant being injured.

How many games will this series have?

Abideen: Raptors will beat the Warriors in six games with a close out of 4-2 in the series. I feel as though Kawhi, Pascal, and Marc will start turning up the heat and play at their max potential. They know the warriors are a tough team to beat which just pushes them harder.

RJ: The Warriors are going to beat the Raptors in six games because the Raptors will win two games on there home court but will not win a game at the Warriors home court.

Who is going to make the biggest unexpected impact?

Abideen: Danny Green. Playing in the Finals is nothing new to him since he’s been there a couple of times. He has not played well in the playoffs but considering what is on the line will boost his confidence.

RJ: Quinn Cook is going to have the biggest unexpected impact as all the attention will be on Curry he will have many open shots and his field goal percentage has gotten better every series he has played in.

Will Steph Curry get back in his groove?

Abideen: Steph Curry will not get back in his groove because the Raptors are a good defensive team. They possess multiple players who are great at on-ball defense. With this much defensive pressure, Steph’s teammates are going to have to step up.

RJ: Yes, Steph Curry will get back into his groove because he is the greatest shooter ever and it is very hard to stop him from getting open shots as all he needs is a little bit of time because his jumper is so quick.

Posted by ajallow2

Abideen Jallow is 17 years old and he is from Dallas, Texas. This is his fourth year at Atholton High School. He likes playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. His favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers and his favorite music artist is A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

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