Naomi Washington
June 10, 2019
Section Editor

They call themselves “Queens” not “Princesses.” The Sister to Sister organization is a club for tenth through twelfth-grade girls that are passionate about community service and sisterhood.

Each Wednesday during Raider Time and Thursday after school, the girls gathered in Mrs. Carrspence’s room to talk about upcoming club initiatives, tips for college planning, and ways they can support each other on their way to success.

“I like the aspect that everybody is in control. We don’t really have leadership positions so we’re all able to voice our opinions,” said junior Makayla Turay. “I also like the fact that we are all similar in heart. We’re a diverse group of girls but we’re still similar. We don’t see each other as different, we see each other as sisters.”

Sister to Sister started at Atholton in 2009. The founders were a group of African American girls that  approached math teacher, Ms. Carrspence, and expressed their desire for a girls-only club where they could support each other. Initially, Ms. Carrspence did not care for the idea. But after looking at Atholton’s school-wide academic data, she found that the girls had weak grades in biology. The club kick-started when Ms. Carrspence partnered with the National Science Honor Society, where the girls received tutoring once a week. Ever since then, the club has flourished into much more.  

“I really wanted to be apart of the sisterhood and the family,” said junior Mycah Brown. “I’ve also gotten more scholarship opportunities that I may not have gotten before. I’m just glad to be with a group of people that support me.”

Recently, the girls had a meeting where they decided on five new pillars for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year—leadership, sophistication, service, loyalty, and personal development.

Any girl looking for a way to get involved should join Sister to Sister next year. Sophomore, Makayla Smith joined Sister to Sister because she felt like she wasn’t involved in the school. Smith found the club, “inclusive” and could not be happier that she participated.     

Ms. Carrspence got to know each girl in the club this year and shared wisdom “that led them in the right direction.”

If you don’t mind loud chit-chatter, buffet-style food parties, and community service projects galore, then you’re in the right place!

Sister to Sister plans to recruit more girls, strengthen their mentoring skills, and run their annual coat drive again in October.

Unfortunately for boys, Atholton doesn’t have a club called Brother to Brother club, but even if there was, it couldn’t top the excellence that Sister to Sister brings to the table.  

Posted by Naomi Washington

Naomi is a senior at Atholton High School. She is on the girl's varsity soccer team, loves to write, and is the Vice President of Black Student Union. Her all-time favorite thing to do is eat Chickfila and go sightseeing in the city!