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June 12, 2019

Action, thriller, and John Wick fans alike could not wait to see Keanu Reeves reprise his role yet again in John Wick Chapter 3. Reeves reunited with his fellow cast member Laurence Fishburne from, The Matrix to provide the audience with an action-packed two hours. The movie so far has surpassed Avengers: Endgame in the box office, by making 57 million dollars on opening night.

The film begins where John Wick Chapter 2 left off, with John running with a very high bounty on his head. In the movie, fans learn more about The High Table, introduced in the second installation in the John Wick series. It is recommended to watch the first two movies to know what is going on. However, a first time viewer could watch it as a standalone and still be entertained by the action scenes.

The action starts when John Wick is on the run and trying to get help, but everyone is denying service to him out of fear. There is a timer counting down to when his bounty will actually start, which means anyone who kills him will get a high reward and also makes it forbidden to help him. The only help he receives in the beginning is from a doctor he knows, even then it’s cut short by the timer ending and the bounty beginning. The ending is more or less left up to the interpretation of the viewers, hinting at another installment. I personally loved the ending, because I don’t want to see the trilogy end so soon.

A heads up to anyone who wants to see the film: this third installment has to be the most brutal of the trilogy which is already known for guns, knives and other instruments of torture. However, the film somehow manages to mix gory and humorous moments without sacrificing the quality of the well-choreographed action scenes.

To me, the movie was a great addition to the John Wick story and it held up to its name. I enjoy movies with original action-oriented ideas that stray away from the superhero movies that often flood the box office or the occasional horror flick that bombs and transforms into a joke. I’m not saying superhero movies are bad in any way, it’s just that it’s fun seeing more independent ideas that didn’t start out as a book or a comic.

Despite standing out, the film manages to stay true to its earlier predecessors. John Wick: Chapter 3  strays away in certain aspects that nevertheless make the film even better. It kept the charm and overall excitement of the first two films and is a refreshing addition to the films coming out this summer.  

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