Photo Courtesy of Ryne Eaton

Abideen Jallow

Staff Reporter

23 October, 2019

Touchdown to make it 56-14! Atholton blowing out Mt. Hebron at homecoming has made this football season worth tuning into, as the team hopes to turn a losing record into a winning one. The varsity football team of Atholton High School is gaining support as they strive to improve their record from last season, now having won back-to-back after starting 0-4. Coach Carey, Varsity Football head coach, persevered throughout the tough battles of last season and is now hoping to make this season successful by encouraging rigorous practices, a strong mentality, and lots of effort.

“Our team has worked hard in the offseason and I believe we can set the tone to become state champions,” said senior Dinari Spears, the varsity cornerback. No matter how frustrating it is to lose, the team can never decide to just quit because there are more games to look forward to.

The mishaps from last year have been brushed under the rug and the team has their mind set on the current football season. No one ever said it would be easy, but each and every player is up for the challenges that lie ahead.

“Heading into each game, I clear my head and think of my assignments. Then I imagine myself making plays and executing tackles,” said senior Jordan Fore, the varsity linebacker. There is no margin for error when there are multiple teams competing at a high level for the same goal. The little things matter in order to ensure a comeback season from last year.

This focused mindset was echoed by Senior Bryce Jamison, the varsity cornerback. “I think that we need to prepare better for the games, meaning less joking around in practice and executing on a consistent basis,” said Jamison.

The team is also adding new strategies to help them overcome the opposition. “With the input of our new offensive and defensive schemes, we are sure to get over the losing slump,” said Coach Carey.

Coach Carey has been able to handle this well as he continues to improve his players every day. His effective coaching style has allowed his players to develop into the athletes they are. Even when faced with adversity, Atholton’s football team has still been able to compete night in and night out. Their persistent dedication to Raider Nation is something to admire.

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