Jaylynn Floyd
Staff Reporter
January 15 2020

“Three, two, one, Happy New Year!” The phrase that could be heard around the world as people celebrated the start of the long awaited new decade, 2020. The sound of laughter, sight of smiles, and the stress of finding a New Year’s kiss were all exchanged as people gathered around the television set to watch the ball drop in Times Square. As The Black Eyed Peas’s song I Got a Feeling softly played over the TV, flashbacks of the 2010’s filled many people’s heads. Sadly, however, with the start of the new decade also brings the end of Generation Z’s iconic childhood.

A few of my personal favorites from this decade were all the iconic shows that Gen. Z grew up on. I remember distinctly after I would get off the bus from elementary school, my sister and I would gather around the TV and watch Billy and Mandy and Courage the Cowardly Dog. And how can we forget the iconic vines, Kik and Oovoo group chats, and games like Poptropica and Moshi Monsters?

“I was learning about myself, the world, and how the world works. While now in the new decade I can put that knowledge to work,” stated junior Matthew Bridges with high hopes of the new decade. Additionally, junior Emma Schorder also agreed that with the start of the new decade,  “positive vibes” and “happiness” will come with it, despite the end of our childhoods. “In a year I’ll be graduating and going to college. It still seems like I’m stuck in middle school,” added Schorder.

Ten years ago in 2010, most of us were in elementary school, only having to worry about when the new Spongebob episode will come out. Now we’re onto the next chapter of our lives, which is the highschool and the start of college. Personally, I believe that it’s sad that we have to leave all those iconic memories such as silly bands, and Pokemon cards, behind in the last decade. However, in this decade, we will all be on our own, chasing after our own endeavours and happiness. This new freedom that we have may outshine all the memories we made in the past 10 years.

Regardless of leaving the prime age of Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Rainbow Loom, this new decade will be one with more iconic memories. Some of us will be settling down, getting married, starting our new lives in or outside of Columbia, and hopefully living out our 20’s to the absolute max.

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