Ethan Lewis
Staff Reporter
28 January 2020

Lights, Camera, Action! The Atholton dance concert took place in the auditorium on January 10th and 11th and it was a success. Ms. Haffey said she “thought they did a wonderful job, especially with so many dancers.” Ms. Haffey said she was most excited about the Dance 1 tap routine because everyone is new and passionate. “There is something about putting on things that make noise. Going at it is just great!”

Ms. Haffey and her students have a trusting relationship where they believe they can all accomplish their main goals if they dedicate themselves to their work and help each other. One of Ms. Haffey’s students, freshman Nyela Graham, mentioned the “fearlessness” of Ms. Haffey and how “she can take anything on.” 

Ms. Haffey’s mother passed away in October of 2019. Though this posed some difficulties, Ms. Haffey wanted to start the year off on a high note so she decided to continue with the concert schedule.

Ms. Haffey said she “wanted the year to go back to supportive families and the hard working students.” Ms. Haffey knew that her mother would have wanted the concert to continue because she loved the dancing and what the whole group stands for. Ms. Haffey said “so many people [told me to] just skip this one and I knew that wasn’t even an option.” 

One of Ms. Haffey’s students, junior Camille Lewis, said Ms. Haffey is a great teacher and dancer and is not afraid to put her dancers up to the task, adding that even with the loss of her mother, she was able to show up and put on a good show. At the end of the concert, there was a tribute to the family and friends that have had cancer in the Dance family. 

Atholton dance will keep improving, and Ms. Haffey trusts that her students will do well in the concerts to come. “I enjoy watching the dancers on stage after they have put in so much time and effort,” said Ms. Haffey.

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