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The home of the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions, the Washington Capitals, was filled with tattoos, belly shirts, Bud Light Seltzer, and smiling faces when Post Malone came in town last Thursday night to perform.

The concert was on February 27th, 2020 in Captial One Arena Washington, D.C. as apart of Malone’s on-going Runaway Tour which began in September 2019. 

Austin Richard Post, who is famously known as Post Malone, is an American rapper that makes pop, hip-hop, and rap music. He talks about falling in love, having his heart broken, going out with his friends to party all night, wanting fancy wrist-watches, and just enjoying what life has to offer. 

The concert began at 8 pm with the first opener of the night, Tyla Yaweh. He performed original music of his that not many in the crowd were familiar with but it was still a good time.

Next up was Swae Lee. Swae Lee is a young performer that is best known for his songs with Slim Jxmmi, “Black Beatles,” “No Type,” and “Come Get Her”. Swae Lee has been performing solo on tour with Post Malone and did an amazing job despite the fact that he makes up one half of the Rae Sremmurd duo. He was a fan-inclusive performer that really kept the crowd hyped. I give Swae Lee four and a half stars on his stage presence and performance.

And then finally, the long-awaited and anticipated Post Malone entered center-stage at 9:40 PM! Alongside the instrumental introduction of his first song, Malone utilized beaming lights, smoke, and fireworks to boost the excitement of fans. By this time, the stadium was warm but was still comfortable to be inside.

“Hollywood’s Bleeding,” was not only the first song of the night but also the name of Post Malone’s most recent album. I definitely was not the only one screaming to the top of my lungs when I heard the way-too familiar tune fill the stadium. 

“Thank you so very much ladies and gentlemen,” said Malone after almost every segment. His humility showed intensively throughout the show as he thanked fans repeatedly for their support and coming out to see him. 

Then, he performed his song “Saint-Tropez” to pick up the concert’s momentum. According to Malone, since many of his songs can be “emotional,” he made this single to recognize that although life can suck, this is the only one we are given so we have to enjoy it. 

His music carries a relatable aspect for everyone which explains why young teens through adults in their upper forties packed into Capital One to watch him.

It’s hard not to gravitate toward his carefree energy and absolute love for his fans. Although Malone is the one who puts in the hard work behind the scenes, he makes sure to let fans know that he owes all his success to them. 

The hit song, “Enemies” from his most recent album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, was performed ninth in the set and was excellent. Everyone in the stadium was singing the number along with him while he strode down the stage and drank beer.

Things then slowed for his acoustic single “Stay”. He grabbed his guitar, a chair, and his microphone stand to give an astonishing tribute to all the folks in the audience who have had their heartbroken in the past. It was awesome to witness him switch from dynamic energy to a passionate poet. Then toward the end, he brought his buddy, Swae Lee, back out on stage to perform their song “Sunflower” which premiered in the movie Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.

Before his first hit song, “White Iverson” changed his life, he was sleeping “in his friend’s closet and just trying to make it.” Post Malone also told the audience, you can do “whatever you want in life” and nothing that anyone else says should have the power to stop you, which is where his song “Congratulations” sprung from. He performed this song following that spiel. 

I’m sure it’s obvious at this point but I give the artist, Post Malone, a solid five-star rating on his live show. He incorporated many of his past hits while he focused on songs from his most recent album. 

The moment that I will remember about the concert forever was when Post Malone got so in the motions during “Rockstar” that he smashed his acoustic guitar on the stage and stomped on the broken pieces. This was shocking but, honestly, pretty cool to watch.

After this experience, I am almost certain that I will continue listening and vibing out to Post Malone for the rest of my life! I also intend to do whatever I have to do to convince my parents to allow me to attend another one of his concerts whenever he goes on tour next. His performance surpassed my expectations tremendously and I can not wait to see him again in the future. 

If you are looking for an out-of-this-world experience that will make you feel like you are at a dance party in outer space (the cool part of outer space, of course) with insanely good music, I highly recommend going to a Post Malone concert at some point in your life.

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