Eric Wyman
Staff Reporter
March 6, 2020

     Escape rooms are a way to get closer with friends. This experience will have you and a few other people trapped in a room, where you have an hour to find a way to leave the space you are locked in. I have never had the chance to do one, even though I have wanted to for a few years. On January 26th, that changed.

      I, along with my sister and parents, went and tried to complete a runaway train-themed escape room. The location we ventured to was Breakout Games, one of the more revered escape room venues in the country according to their website.

     The game master summarized the rules and said to loudly ask if we need clues; there are microphones and cameras in the rooms that the game master could always tune into if need be. The situation at hand was that radicals had overtaken the train and there were only 60 minutes to get off. 

     The puzzles were very interesting. These included using clues to figure out what food a person ate in order to get a combination for a lock, which was a pathway for more clues and puzzles. The experience started off well, but then fighting started. A debate about whether someone ate dairy or not sparked and went on for 15 minutes, leaving us with only 15 minutes left to complete the room. The clock hit zero, and we were met with a visual of the train exploding. Game over.

     Despite not having the best outcome, the experience was overall amazing and would recommend going to one, if you like logic puzzles. There are a variety of scenarios, from a Casino Royal themed room, to submarines to kidnappings to a museum heist escape room.

     I will most definitely do another escape room, but not for a month or two at least. I will  eventually try the Island Escape, the easiest one, and work up to Mystery Mansion— the hardest one.

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