Abideen Jallow
Staff Reporter
March 11, 2020

Atholton’s boys varsity basketball team is still alive in the playoffs with hopes of becoming 3A State Champions. The team finished the regular season with a record of 11-5, placing them in the fifth spot in the county. Miraculously, they ended up being the last team in Howard County to remain in the playoffs and have only two games left to play.

The game against Oakland Mills High School, on March 3rd was a game that meant a lot for both sides. Oakland Mills would move up in the playoffs with a win and Coach Albert would have his first win against Oakland Mills ever. Both teams played their hearts out and fortunately Atholton came out with the win with a score of 79-68.

“Our team knew what we had to do coming into the game– everyone’s mindset was focused on doing whatever it takes to win,” said junior Deven Daniels, the varsity point guard. It was a hard-fought game, as could be seen by all the physicality being shown and the competitive attitude players had.

A rivalry is always something to look forward to, especially when it’s Atholton against Reservoir. The varsity teams met once again this season, but this time the stakes were much higher; it was win or go home. The game was more intense than the first game; viewers came an hour early and the game went into overtime.

“This was a big game, so my team and I were sure to put on a good performance for the fans,” said Darren Miller, the varsity forward. Atholton managed to defeat Reservoir on March 5th with a score of 62-60. Viewers say this was the best game they have ever been to the whole year. The intensity was high and fans were rooting loudly for their schools.

An out-of-county match took place in Bel Air, Maryland on March 7th against C. Milton Wright High School. The opponent was unfamiliar, so going into the game had its risks. This didn’t slow down the pace of Atholton as they came into their home court and won with a score of 68-62.

The hour-long bus ride seemed worth it, as senior RJ Brown expressed that the team locker room was electrified. Many didn’t believe Atholton would make it this far and achieve so many wins in the playoffs. The team definitely proved their worth with the accomplishments they have achieved.

There are now two games remaining in the playoffs for Atholton’s boys varsity basketball team: one is upcoming and the other is to be determined. The players look forward to winning it all, as the team from Howard County to do it. Everything has to be put on the line, because the time is now.

Posted by Gisele Chiang-Tenbrock

Gisele is a senior. She wants to study psychology in college. In her free time she likes walking and listening to music. She also likes Chinese water deer.

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