Kyleigh Eaton

Staff Reporter

June 1, 2020


  • Nailed It!


Nailed it! is a series that came out in 2018 that takes three contestants that aren’t that great at baking, and during the bake-off the contestants try to prove their baking skills by trying their hand at recreating masterpieces made by famous confectioners. The contestants go through two stages and after the both rounds the winner in the end wins ten thousand dollars.

Nailed it! is a great series to watch while in quarantine because overall it’s entertaining and hilarious. The show will have you laughing and going “what?!” because of the actions of the contestants. This series is great for all ages and will have you craving something sweet after.


  • Locke and Key


Locke and Key is a series that came out this year. After the brutal murder of their father, three siblings, along with their mother, moved into the Locke House after his passing. The Locke House was passed down from their father. Many secrets and mysteries lie within the house, as well as in the town. The siblings band together to figure the truth about their father’s death, along with uncovering the past. 

Locke and Key is a great show for those who enjoy mystery and the supernatural. The show, as it progresses, includes many plot twists, along with unnerving betrayal. I do not recommend this for people who don’t like to see anything that relates to death or who are easily skittish. Beware that this series will make you question many things that you know. This series will bring out the true child within you, so enjoy.


  • Gun Gale Online


Gun Gale Online is a show that came out in 2018. It’s an anime about virtual reality. The main character, LLenn, is very tall in real life which makes it hard for her to make friends. So when she gets introduced to VR, she picks a character who is very short and cute. The story is about the main character playing to defeat a player who survived the last virtual reality game, which essentially trapped the players’ minds inside the game. This player known as Kirito takes the game too seriously as she plays this game by threatening to kill them in real life. They play in a tournament to become number one within the game itself.

This show is very interesting and I recommend it to those who enjoy watching anime. The life inside the anime continues after the innocent ce that took place in Sword Art Online;,  which is also a nice series. Check it out if Gun Gale Online interests you. For those who don’t know, it was an anime series where those who played the game were stuck inside and if they died in the VR game, they died in real life. Unlike Sword Art Online, however, Gun Gale Online did not share this plot. It’s filled with a lot of interesting players, and some betrayal and deceit as well. The show is very light-hearted at times, but can turn dark as well. I don’t recommend this for those who don’t like violence. All in all, this show will get you pumped and excited with all the fast thinking and creative nature that follows the main character.


  • Luna Nera


Luna Nera is a show that came out early this year that takes place during the seventeenth century in Italy. During this time, a midwife along with a few others are accused of witchcraft. She has to decide if she wants to fulfill the destiny that is laid out for her or marry her star-crossed lover. 

This show is a historical drama. While the show is in Italian, English subtitles are available. I recommend this show to people  who are interested in romance, the supernatural, and the dark side of history. This show really keeps you on the edge of your seat. Just beware of the dangers black magic has, once it has you in its grasps.


  • The Unlisted


The Unlisted is a show that came out in 2019. This series follows twin brothers who uncover a dark secret that the Australian government has been plotting and trying to put into action. They find out that the government is trying to put tracking devices inside Australian students, so they can control them. 

This show is very interesting as it is taken from the point of view of twelve year old twins. This show is filled with tons of plot twists and it really makes the viewer think and try to solve puzzles while putting all the clues together. There are no dull moments, as this will keep you guessing. It makes you think that you have everything figured but you’ll find out later that you are far from the truth. I recommend this for all ages. Uncover the mystery yourself as you watch.


Posted by Gisele Chiang-Tenbrock

Gisele is a senior. She wants to study psychology in college. In her free time she likes walking and listening to music. She also likes Chinese water deer.

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