Month: December 2020

12 Highly Anticipated Novels of 2021

While the long-awaited end of 2020 is something that we can all look forward to, here are some hot new books coming out in 2021 that should be equally exciting.
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Somali-American Model Halima Aden Struts Off The Runway…Permanently

Story By: Sumaya Abdel-Motagaly
Staff Reporter
Photo Courtesy of: Myles Jihem, Wikimedia Commons

On the last week of November, while most laid around with hefty amounts of turkey in their system, 23-year old Somali-American model Halima Aden made the courageous decision to announce her departure from the modeling industry via Instagram.

My 3 Favorite Christmas Movies

Story By: Shannon Quigg
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The holidays tend to be a happy season for most people, even being called “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams. It’s a time of baking, gift-giving, and snowman building. Everyone has their own favorite holiday movie that brings them a little extra Christmas cheer, and listed below are a few of mine.

A Successful Podcast About Success

Story by: Sravya Tallapragada
Photo Courtesy of: Yara Ayache
It’s one minute before showtime. She’s ready to go and goes over everything one last time.Then all of a sudden, the lights are not working and the computer is crashing. But that doesn’t stop her. She gets more lights and fixes the computer– all parts of starting and running a successful podcast.

How Some Businesses Have Broken the COVID-19 Dam

Story by: Mary Lima
Photo Courtesy of: Daniel Lima
Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put the world on pause, many businesses have persevered through it all, despite their initial thoughts.

Both sides of the equation for online learning

Dealing with COVID – 19 has changed many things for everybody, including how teachers instruct, how students learn, and how students all relate to each other. While some students may find online learning more challenging than in-person learning, others may find it easier.
Story by: Evan Huggins

Pandemic Potential

Story by: Gisele Chiang-Tenbrock
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Sidelined: All Athletes are Being Benched by Corona

Story by: Mia Hargrett
Photo by: Mia Hargrett

The excitement and tension in the air are palpable. You can smell the sweat and see the determination on the players’ faces as the clock winds down. When the buzzer finally goes off, the fans go crazy, shouting and stomping on the bleachers to celebrate their team’s win. That was last year. This year, everything has changed.

Virtually No Artists Expected the Pandemic but the Online World Accepted them Nonetheless

Whether you’re an artist or not, everyone can agree this pandemic has affected each and every person in a positive or negative way. With some artists, the pandemic has given them more time to work on big projects they have always wanted to do. With others, it’s made them unable to do any art at all.
Story by: Natalie Zepf
Photo Courtesy of: Julia Chen

Mind or Matter: Balancing Art and STEM at AHS

Story by: Jumi Animashaun
Photo Courtesy of: Nikki Farnham
Contrary to popular belief, there are Leonardo Da Vincis who dream of becoming Nobel Prize winners, as well as 4.0 GPA science nerds who attend poetry club meetings in their spare time.