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Covid, shutdowns, new school what’s next: a zombie invasion?

Howard county school district has redistricted many high schoolers due to a various number of reasons. This was already put in place before the world wide pandemic occurred that made schools shut down. 

With schools shutting down due to the global pandemic this has caused schools to shut down and go into virtual learning. 

” At Atholton the information is given to you in a much faster manner” This is a statement from Ty’reek Reid, a newly enrolled student from Oakland Mills.

With Reid’s comment, it seems that this transition to a new school, especially while being online, is different from the OM experience he was originally given.

Not all students have the same learning levels in different subjects and school as a whole. With some favorite classes being  Bio, Math, or even Government.

“Government has to be one of my favorites because I already have two people in there that I know,” said Reid when asked about his favorite subject and why.

Another student Kharles N stated his favorite subject is English.

“I would have to say English is my favorite subject because it’s easy and I tend to write a lot”.

Moving schools is never the easiest for kids. They have to find that new group of people, and maybe some just want to stay to themself. Think about it, new school and a whole pandemic. Better be glad we aren’t in school, although for some students, school is an outlet for students  to clear their mind, get out of a toxic household, and so much more. Covid-19 has taken that away from students by basically having them on lockdown and not able to leave their homes.

Many students don’t like being on lockdown. There are not enough things for the kids to do. They feel stuck and out of place, feeling trapped with nowhere to go.

“I feel like if school was in person it would be a much easier learning setting,” said Kharles N, a sophomore.

Yet the only thing left to do is to sit back and watch for the next moves of the Howard County School District.

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Hi! I’m Caroline, she/her. I’m a Junior at Atholton and I enjoy writing and being outdoors.

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