Month: January 2021

Missing School Spirit? PAC is Bringing It Back!

Principal’s Advisory Committee plans tutoring, online assembly and student immersion alongside recounting the food drive and office hours. Image courtesy of Nikki Farnham, displaying school spirit pre-COVID at Atholton.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona was a brilliant athlete, but a troubled human being. What should he truly be remembered for?

The New Administration: What It Means for Immigration, LGBTQ+, and More

The Biden and Harris administration are in the White House. They will help the small businesses way more. They will enact dozens of policies to help small businesses get better access to the capital, gaining more opportunities, to help women, veterans, and minority businesses.

Story by: Tianna Wilson
Photo Courtesy of:

Threat Or No Threat?

In the 2020-2021 NBA draft, the Charlotte Hornets selected LaMelo Ball. On this day, Ball became a dangerous asset for the team this season. Big Baller Brand is a name I feel like any sports […]

Kimberley Motley: An Unsung Hero

The clacking stops and their hearts pound, until the door is swung open, revealing the one they feared the most. Wearing a pencil skirt and blazer, she is the go-to lawyer in Kabul, Afghanistan–while also happening to be the only foreign litigator in the country.

Story by: Mary Lima
Photo Courtesy of: Kanopy

Higher Education Shouldn’t Mean Higher Pricing

The idea that 44.7 million college students in the United States, a first-world country, graduate with an average of over $30,000 in student loan debt each, makes no sense.

Story by: Kendi Caldwell
Editorial Cartoon Courtesy of: Mahalia Savage

Adobe Flash Player is No More

Web games, animations, mobile apps, and videos; the Adobe Flash Player did it all for 25 years and its company finally decided to retire its services permanently in 2021.
Story by: Mahalia Savage
Art Courtesy of: Mahalia Savage

Just For The Power Book II Fans!

Power is a show that has been going on for seven years and has continued to attract many people. Recently, Power Book II was released and everyone has seemed to love it, based on the […]

The Bottom of the Ocean: Deleting Social Media

Being obsessed with someone who you know off of social media is like loving a song when you’ve only heard the KidzBop version.

Story by: GIsele Chiang-Tenbrock
Photo Courtesy of: Mahalia Savage