Power is a show that has been going on for seven years and has continued to attract many people. Recently, Power Book II was released and everyone has seemed to love it, based on the many comments left on their Instagram page.The main focus in Power was Ghost, causing people to believe that the show has no purpose without him. Although people still remain with this opinion, many supporters were left in suspense when they found out that Tariq was the killer of his father and is now the main character of “Ghost”. Power Book II: Ghost has, in the past few months, been reported the #1 trending show on Twitter. Because the show has recently finished the season, fans are demanding more seasons to come. Attention has also been grabbed by the new chapters of Power, which are coming during the summer. The consistency of the show has drawn more and more people to it, including myself. The writers and producers have done an amazing job on this show and have added so much suspense to the episodes to keep it going. Watching it can sometimes feel like watching a fantasy world. You know the things shown in the show could actually happen, but it just seems too unreal. That’s what helps draw attention. There’s always someone to connect to in the show and some of the actions taking place as well.

In the previous seasons of Power, Tariq was seen as a boy that was following in his father’s footsteps and because of many bad influencers around him, he made terrible decisions that caused him to get involved in trouble, mostly dealing with killing and drugs. He then enters Book II with a different mindset and the killer of his father, who he believed deserved to be dead. During this chapter, as a fan, I believe that his character has changed a lot. You finally get to see who he truly is, instead of what his father wanted him to be. In an indirect way, I can connect to Tariq because he is the type of person who will be honest with you, but he won’t tell you everything because that’s when people start to take advantage of you. He is also very secretive, but for his own good. Because he has killed his father, it is hard for him to open up because he doesn’t want to be judged for something that people won’t understand. Many fans can make this connection with him because every person has a dark secret that they don’t want anyone to know, so that they can protect themselves.

He also thinks in an interesting way and I believe it mostly reflects on what he did. In one episode, he talks about a book that was written by a man teaching others how to kill. Tariq interpreted it in a way that he was trying to teach people how to read people and knowing that you can’t trust anyone. Fans have also been able to connect to this, as one fan stated that when she comes in contact with people, she starts to think more about if she“can trust someone just by the way they act around her”. In the latest episode on Sunday, December 20, Tariq encountered someone who was about to kill him, even though this person made it clear that he could trust him. He also teaches and shows us that you have to be able to have the skill to read someone without actually knowing them.

Out of all the TV series out there, Power Book II: Ghost is one of the most suspenseful and attention-grabbing shows. Not only does the audience get to enjoy hour-long episodes of this amazing entertainment, but the producer takes the time to make a video after every episode, which she calls an “Inside the World”, to talk about how she came up with the concept of the episodes. In one of her latest insiders, she talks about how she made this show, not only for entertainment, but also to allow viewers to point out similarities they have with the characters whether it is directly or indirectly. Each person is given specific characteristics which will determine their future actions and the flow of the show. Although a variety of new characters has been added to the series, she has also kept important people who will play a major role in the trial cases Tasha, Tariq’s mother who was falsely accused of killing her ex husband, will experience and will determine how much information her lawyer finds out about her and her family. With this kind of thinking Courtney has, viewers will never know exactly what to expect, and that’s exactly what she wants. She wants the watchers to wonder about the possibilities until they watch the following episodes. She keeps her show in suspense, which entices the audience to continue to watch the show. 

Posted by Rae Harrison

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