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In the 2020-2021 NBA draft, the Charlotte Hornets selected LaMelo Ball. On this day, Ball became a dangerous asset for the team this season. Big Baller Brand is a name I feel like any sports fan has heard of. This is where it all started for him as a kid, where his older brothers and dad would push him to his limits as he was watched by many people around the world. He played Chino Hills basketball from his freshman to his sophomore year, later being prompted to leave Chino Hills during his senior year to play overseas and perfect his craft. 

 LaMelo has always had talent and has  shown the world that he has it. Being the youngest of the Ball brothers, since a kid he had to up his game, trying to blow past his older brothers Lonzo and LiAngelo. Lonzo currently plays for the Lakers and was the second overall draft pick in the 2017-2018 draft.

While he played overseas, he was perfecting his shot as well as his craft as a whole. As I’ve been keeping up with LaMelo since 2017, seeing him go from playing high school basketball to going over to Lithuania and ending up being the third overall draft pick is a great achievement. Not only that, but he is now the youngest NBA player in history to have made a triple double at the age of nineteen.

He averages 13 points a game, which for a first year  NBA player and a non-starter, is really good. The Hornets have never been the best in the record books. The 2011-2012 season was by far their worst season in history: they had a 7-59 record. Last year in the 2019-2020 season, they had a record of 23-42. 

Now that they have LaMelo on their team, it seems that the Hornets are starting to get a groove back into their shooting and scoring as a whole team. So far in the season they are 5-5, which puts them 8th overall in the Eastern conference, right underneath the Cavalier, but second in the Southeastern division.

Having a sharp shooter like LaMelo is a great asset for this team since they are more of an in the paint team and not beyond the ark shooters. With him on the team, now he is even out scoring Devonte’ Graham. Who is the starting point guard who only averages 12 points a game (not much less than Melo) but with that being said, you can see that Ball is definitely useful for this team.

With more time and more help from coaches, Ball should be starting mid season this year if he continues  to show out as he has been and continues to make sure that opposing teams see him as the threat he is. 

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