Moian Broadus

April 8 2021

Staff editor

Stephanie Okoma, 10th grade, OMHS, “Giveon!! my reasoning is because all of his songs sing to and with my heart. He inspires me to write thought provoking things and always has me excited to listen to his next song “

Kayla Destry, grade 10th grade, “song artist H.E.R, OMHS, I like that her music talks about things that are going on in the world, and about social justice. Also her music is relaxing to listen too”

J. Cole Cassidy Vines, 10th Grade, OMHS. “I know he’s not really 2020/21 right now, but I feel like  his music is relevant to our society now and is going to be relevant to our society for a long time. I love that through hip hop he educates about history and its impacts, the struggles of the black community, but at the same time its empowering and talks about justice”

Meleah Aaron grade 12 OMHS “The best artist of 2021 has to be Rod wave. His music touches people in a way not many artists can do.”

Imani Aaron Grade 11 Mervo Highschool  “The best artist right now is Playboi Carti. His music is just different; you get a different feeling when listening to it.”

Christopher Shaw 10th grade OMHS “Rod wave is by far the best lyrical artist of this time the way he can make you feel his music is something different he’s the goat right now”.

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