The label slip carefully placed onto the package, the box was dropped off at the mailbox, Florida bound. Inside, there was a beautiful vintage blue dress heading towards its new home down South. Accompanying this package, a bunch of other packages were also shipped out all coming from one business: pickedbypearl. Just like pickedbypearl, there has been a growing number of students making and operating their own businesses.

There are many reasons students have turned to starting their own business such as “quarantine, boredom, and how terrible fast fashion is for the environment,” stated Sarah Pearl, an Atholton junior.  She also drew her inspiration from her always  “enjoying second shops like thrift stores and antique shops.” 

The range of her stocks go from brand items such as Nike apparel to vintage items that are hard to find, thus having a nice diversity and variety that many people can choose from. With her adding different clothing to match different trends, and selling clothing for all genders, her store is extremely inclusive. To add onto all that, her prices are extremely reasonable and affordable, which adds onto her inclusivity. 

Some of the many reasons why someone of high school age might want to start their business is to have some extra money in their pockets, to have their own hours, and to have their own flexibility with what you work with. These two are some of the pros that business owners have to work with such as myself, Sarah, and another person who runs and owns their own business. 

Another person who had owned their own clothing business similar to Sarah, states that they “truly enjoyed having the freedom to work by themselves,” such as making their own decisions, and making their own money. The business that this anon person has is also a sustainable clothing business, however is on the app Depop. Depop is an app that is mainly used for selling clothing on.

“In total I’ve made 13 sales,” they stated on their success selling on Depop. To add onto their statement, they said that they launched their store back in September, and ended it in November, making almost $150 dollars in that time period.

Another business aspect that some high school students might have gotten into during quarantine is making their own products by hand and selling them on Etsy. Whether that be resine making, selling their own art, or jewelry making, some students have tapped into their creative and business side. This helped them launch their own business and make a lot of profit out of it. 

My business happens to deal with the jewelry side of student run businesses, since I started my own business making rings for people on Etsy. As mentioned before by all of the other student businesses owners, I thoroughly enjoy having my own hours, and having control over my business, called goldenpollie on Etsy, 100%. 

With that being said, help support your high school’s small owned business and their endeavors by visiting their shops on and purchasing from them.  

Posted by jayfloydd

Jaylynn is a sophomore and currently 15 years young. When she grows up and goes to college, she plans on dual majoring in communications and computer science. She plans on moving to Seattle or New York an pursue a career in journalism or freelance with computer science. She likes writing and she loves dogs.