When a magically powered wife and a self aware living robot husband move into a town that seems too normal for two superpowered  beings to live in, the question stands: Is this all a coincidence?  Is something going on in this town? Why are these two special individuals now in a seemingly normal environment, and why is it in black and white?

WandaVision is a mini series that premiered on January 15 2021 on Disney Plus. It is a continuation and an expansion of the Marvel cinematic universe. The story itself follows two of the Avengers, Wanda Maximoff and her robotic husband Vision. What makes this mini series special is that it presents itself as a sitcom and as the episodes go on, it changes the style of sitcoms over the years, but it does go back to the Marvel cinematic route in some episodes to explore other characters in the story.

Wanda and Vision were Both introduced in Avengers Age of Ultron and both of them fought with the Avengers. Wanda started out as a villain working with Ultron to take out the Avengers with her brother, Pietro, who died at the last battle. Vision is a Synthetic Ai robot who can think like a person due to him having the mind stone, one of the six infinity stones. Wanda and Vision eventually fall in love with each other in the later movies in the MCU and once Avengers Infinity War started they both were a full blown couple. Unfortunately Vision has to die due to Thanos wanting to collect the mind stone. So to stop him Wanda has to use her powers to destroy the mind stone, which ultimately fails due to Thanos rewinding time with the time stone, effectively killing Vision twice. Wanda disappeared due to the snap  and came back in Avengers End Game which she helped in the final fight against Thanos. After the movie her fate was not known until WandaVision was announced.

The production of Wanda Vision is everything but bad. To get the sitcom presentation right, they used real techniques like having a multilayered set for the actors to move around  and keeping the film size in a small resolution like they did back in the 1900’s. They also added small details from the shows and movies for each sitcom year the show advanced to. For example, in episode 2 Wanda’s and Visions bed being separated because before world war 2 it was frowned upon for married couples to share the same bed due to health risk that it can have, also only those who were well off would have larger beds than others.

The actors also help out immensely with the story itself. Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the main character, sells her emotions and her scenes well. This definitely helps a lot because Wanda didn’t have a lot of character development in the other films in the MCU, she was mostly a support character that has some emotional moments but she is front and center with this miniseries and it shows the skill of the actress and how amazing Elizabeth Olsen is. The actor who plays Vision, Paul Bettany, was also great in this mini series. It’s really surprising because originally he only played as a voice actor in the MCU. He played J.A.R.V.I.S in the very first Iron Man and since then he kept voice acting as him until Age of Ultron when he became a full actor. In Wandavision, he did a great job of showing the emotions of Vision and what happened to him as the story progressed.

Overall WandaVision was a great show and a shining example of what a great mini-series should be about. Especially when this mini-series has to live up to the hype that was Avengers endgame, this series definitely has been the best to watch,  and it was definitely worth getting Disney Plus to watch it. 

Posted by Quinton Townsend

Quinton Townsend is a Junior in Atholton High school and a student in journalism and is currently writing for the schools website. He likes to play video games, workout, and walk his dog. He also likes to hang out with his friends and talk to his dog sometimes when he is very lonely.

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