Month: May 2021

Drugs, Dickens, and Donna

The book, incidentally, leaves you with absolutely no takeaways about childhood– the premise is that Harriet is on the run from the local white-trash meth addict, whom she ultimately faces in the town’s rusty, rotten water tower.

Story by: Gisele Chiang-Tenbrock
Photo Courtesy of: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

The Power of Black Representation

Photo source: Inspirations Magazine

When minorities are pushed to the front of a sci-fi story and given the cool powers, ambitious (and satisfyingly unrealistic) love story, and hero’s journey, it allows them to think beyond the sad reality.

The Making of a Yearbook, Pandemic Edition

Caroline Perret Staff Reporter 25 May 2021 Atholton’s yearbook this year is all about “changing it up.” And that’s exactly what they did. Due to the virtual school year, it’s been extremely challenging to create […]

The Super League: A Super Flop

Lourdes Long Staff Reporter 24 May 2021 In April of 2021, the world of European football was set aflame. When elite owners tried to sell out their clubs ‒ the very best in the world […]

I Watched “Music” So You Don’t Have To

After seeing numerous autistic youtubers and autism advocacy organizations condemning the film Music, a nagging curiosity finally led me to watch it for myself — and after a painful 1 hour and 47 minutes, I wish I hadn’t.

Green and Global: Biden’s Climate Summit

Story by: Neel Singh
Image Courtesy of: Greenpeace

The Apollo Mission, But Better This Time

NASA is planning on sending humans to the Moon by 2024. This is Project Artemis. Unlike the Apollo missions, this project’s goal is to establish a long term and sustainable presence on the Moon in preparation for traveling to Mars.
Story by: Jordan Neperud
Photo courtesy of: NASA


“… the whole world can be against you sometimes,” GSA club president Brayan Sanchez said, hinting at an unspoken, harsh reality faced by those who don’t fit into cookie-cutter labels, whose  lives aren’t guided by one element or one identity.