Naomi Jackson

June 4, 2021

Staff Reporter

If you are looking for a show that will satisfy cravings for fantasy, streaming Netflix’s Shadow and Bone is the way to go. The show contains wonderful CGI to deliver magic and action, with a hint  of romance. The 8-hour show leaves fans begging for more.

Shadow and Bone is based on the book series by Leigh Bardugo, which has been critically acclaimed and has won numerous awards such as the Romantic Book Times award and the Carolina Children’s Book award. It was also #8 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. The show was picked up by Dreamworks and for a film by David Heymen. 

The story centers around a young girl named Alina, who works as a map maker in a poor country called Ravka, in a war-torn world. One side of Ravka is the Poleznaya, where Alina and her best friend Mal live. Alisha and Mal are always against the powers of the Grisha, who are called witches for their powers. Amidst the war, Alina discovers that she herself is not only a Grisha, but the “Sun Summoner”, making her one of the most powerful Grishas? to ever live. She is thrown into the truth that she is the only one capable of destroying what is known as “The Fold”, a dark, monster-filled sea that divides Ravka. 

Shadow and Bone has a lot to offer to fantasy lovers. The visuals and CGI do justice to the world Leigh Bardugo created. “I really liked how true the show was to the books”,said Morgan Kelly, a freshman at Atholton High School. “I thought it was well written, the acting was amazing, and the effects were great as well.” The sets of the battlefields were filmed on historical sites in Budapest and in Eastern Europe. In addition to its stunning set, the show also has a very diverse cast that brings that teen romance appeal to life without making it too cheesy. 

The show has done very well so far, debuting its first five weeks on Netflix’s Top Ten in the US. However, the creators recently have faced criticism for painting a white stunt double black for the character Inej. This was exposed when a Twitter user showed multiple photos of the editing process. This is even more of an issue due to the praise the show received because of its “diverse cast”. Netflix has yet to respond to this controversy.

All in all, Shadow and Bone is a well-loved book series that, with Netflix’s money and attention to detail, brought to life successfully. So successfully, in fact, that it is rumored that there will be a second season. Hopefully the new season will continue the strong themes of sacrifice, heroism, and action that make it such an entertaining show to watch. 

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