Month: December 2021

Field Trips Are Starting, But Are They Back To Normal?

Story By: Sophie Saunders
Image Courtesy: The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Meet the Sister to Sister Club!

“The Sister to Sister club is a great way of expressing powerful ideas and releasing any stress that a student deals with on a daily basis.”

By: Mary Wilkinson

Festive Future Educators

Story by: Lilie Theby
Image courtesy of: Lilie Theby

Club and School Sports and Mental Health

Story by: Maria Emmons
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Comfort VS Style: a Dive Into Fashion at Atholton

Imani Smith Image courtesy of: Emilyn Woodworth Staff reporter 21 December 2021 Entering high school often means exploring your interests and figuring out who you want to be and how you want to be perceived. […]

Atholton’s Green Team – Fighting Climate Change One Recycling Bin at a Time

Story by: Shifa Shaikh & Neel Singh
Image courtesy of: Donna Schwab

Improving the environmental footprint of a school with close to 1,500 students, while juggling a boatload of responsibilities is a formidable task to go at alone. Luckily, the Green Team keeps its door open to all students who are willing to participate.

How Money Can Change College Sports

Ryan Bean How will money change college athletes’ passion for the sport they play? With colleges now starting to pay athletes based on their endorsements and public image, there are possible good outcomes; however, the […]