Note: This article was written before Dr. Martirano decision to temporarily suspend all after school activities.

What started as a simple idea to restart a previous club at Atholton turned into an opportunity for students to meet new people, improve their writing skills, and have their literary talent showcased. 

“I just think it’s important for writers to be recognized. I honestly think that’s something worth fighting for,” said Simi Adeniyi, co-president of the Literary Magazine Club. 

The Literary Magazine club is a re-establishment of the Literary Magazine from previous years at Atholton, a published magazine of student’s creative writing pieces: Additions. This year, the club–which meets every other Wednesday in C138, Mr. Stuppy’s room–is looking to create an online publication in addition to the original print. 

Juniors Simi Adeniyi and Lulu Long decided to start the club back up again after COVID-19 hit. With the pandemic and school closure, many clubs at Atholton struggled to remain open. The Literary Magazine club was no exception.  

“Once the pandemic hit, no one was really doing anything,” said Long. “This club is just a means of reviving it.” 

With few writing electives at Atholton, student’s are not presented with enough opportunities to creatively express themselves, and clubs like the Literary Magazine offer an outlet to do so. 

“There’s not actually that many writing classes in this school outside of Advanced Composition and Journalism, and you can’t take Advanced Composition twice,” said former Advanced Composition student and Creative Writing Club President, senior Caroline Greaser. “If you like to write, you get one class, and then that’s it. So, we do clubs to supplement.” 

In past years, students who were taking the Advanced Composition elective at Atholton would write pieces to be included in the magazine. “They [the Literary Magazine] were collecting the pieces and theoretically going to publish them, except that didn’t happen because there was a pandemic,” said Greaser. 

The club is currently looking for writers and those interested in improving their writing skills. Throughout the year, club presidents, as well as sponsor Mr. Stuppy, will help club members enhance their writing skills in prose, poetry, and short stories. 

“[We] will be able to edit and help people grow as writers; we’re going to be tweaking things and helping them. So, by the end of the year, hopefully, it’ll be a publishable piece of work,” said Adeniyi. “You’re not just going to give us your draft. No, we’re gonna work through it.”

However, like many other clubs post pandemic, the club officers are struggling to find members. 

“Unfortunately, writing is more of a niche hobby, so we have to actually get people interested, and it won’t be easy,” said Long. 

Echoing Long’s concern is Adeniyi. “We need members. I don’t know how to get all the writers in school in one place, other than the Creative Writing Club.” 

This led the club officers to decide to merge the Literary Magazine with Atholton’s Creative Writing Club. 

“People who are already in the creative writing club are obviously more likely to join the Literary Magazine Club,” said Long. 

Despite these obstacles, club officers are excited to see what the future holds for their club. To help the Literary Magazine grow, students are encouraged to join. As Long said, “You guys should join, especially if you like writing.”

Posted by Sumaya Abdel-Motagaly

Sumaya Abdel-Motagaly is a junior at Atholton with a passion for all things reading and writing. In her free time she enjoys chilling with friends, painting, reading Stephen King novels, and sleeping. In the future, Sumaya hopes to pursue a career in Journalism.

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