Lawson Mungo

Staff Reporter

3 February 2022

Varsity Basketball: record 9-0, next game Friday @Oakland Mills High School @2/4/22 – The varsity basketball team has been really successful over this past season and continues to do so after beating Hammand yesterday and is ranked 15th in the staat of Maryland!

JV Boys Basketball: record- 8-1, next game Friday @Oakland Mills High School, @2/4/22- The JV boys basketball team has been really efficient this season, especially after a big win against Hammond yesterday.

Varsity Girls basketball: record- 7-2, next game Monday @Home 2/10/22- The Varsity girls team has been playing good for nearly the whole season after cruising Hammond yesterday to continue their 3 game win streak.

JV girls basketball: record- 2-6, next game Monday @Home @2/10/22- It’s been pretty tough for the Jv girls who haven’t won a game since the first two but are also struggling with injuries. But there’s still a cuple more games left and maybe they can turn it around and get higher in the rankings.

Varsity and JV boys/girls track: record- N/A (finished 3rd overall last meet) next meet Monday @Baltimore Armory @2/8/22 – The track teams had their first meet and did really well placing 3rd overall and hopefully they will keep doing so. After their last meet yesterday against Oakland Mills they will have regionals this coming up Tuesday.

JV and Varsity Wrestling: Record- N/A next match Thursday @2/3/22- The wrestling teams have been really solid from what I heard this year, and get better and better every single match.

Varsity Hockey: Record- N/A, next game Thursday @2/3/22 @River Hill High School- The Varsity hockey team has just secured a playoff spot and have been pretty consistent the past weeks and hope to dominate in the playoffs.

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