Ka’Niyah Simms

Staff Reporter

3 February, 2022

Which do you prefer,  home cooked meals, where food is cheaper and in better condition?

Or do you prefer eating out? Where you are stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things?

Many people like Tyler Matthews choose eating out over home cooked meals. “If I had to choose, I would pick eating out, it’s just better.” 

Eating out has many pros. For example, eating out you are able to try new food and experience a lot of music from different cultures. It’s  convenient when you are in a rush and need a quick meal. It is also to meet up with friends who may be far away.

Then there are people who’d pick eating at home. Sophomore Blessing Gross said, “I’d pick home cooked any day because you know how it was cooked and it has that homey taste.”

It’s best to be safer than sorry! Knowing what’s actually being put in your food gives you one less of a problem. Eating at home also gives you a chance to actually sit and talk with immediate family. You get to choose the amount of food you want to eat without being at a limit.  Not only does it save gas for your car, but it’s cheaper to eat home than paying $20 or more for a plate for each family member.

Sophomore Naomi Barber said she’d choose, “Homecooked if the person knows how to cook, because if not I won’t eat it.” 

Sometimes both cooking and eating out have similar advantages.  In the same matter, you have to trust the person who’s cooking the food no matter what. Either one is fine as you get to spend time with your close ones.

But according to a Healthline article, eating out isn’t as healthy as it would be cooking at home, where you can watch your calories if you are on a diet. Besides that, eating at a restaurant includes added taxes, money for services, and expected tips. 

Everyone has mixed feelings about where they’d eat, but really everyone has their own reasoning why they would eat at home one minute, and out the next. 

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