Thomas Rosenblum

Staff Reporter

9 February 2022

Atholton High School has energetic students who love to share their school spirit in very interesting ways. Students having the grit to succeed, participating in events, and athletes performing their absolute best to make their school proud are just a few of the ways that Raiders show their appreciation and support for the school. However, a new trend has risen for kids to show their spirit. Atholton-themed Instagram accounts have been popping up all over everyone’s feed. These accounts have been picking up steam from many students, but with that always comes controversy. 

One account,, has blown up recently. This account posts students who get caught sleeping in class. Some people argue the account is in good spirit and lighthearted, while others believe it is online harassment who think that the account should be taken down. 

One student said that the account is spreading neither positive nor negative energy. “It is mostly jokes but it might be uncomfortable for some people,” the student said. “You should ask for consent before posting.” Students would appreciate for the creator of the account to have permission from a student involved in a post before publishing it, however the account just seems light-hearted and made for fun.

 The creator of the account said his “message to students is to stop sleeping in class”. Better listen up or else you might end up there too!

Another account has also taken the school by storm, known as @atownparking. This account shows the worst parking jobs by students. The creator said the goal of the account is to send a message to students to “park better.” 

This account does not seem as controversial as the previous account reviewed. “I think that this account reflects Atholton in a positive nature because it shows that students can still have fun and show that they aren’t always serious”, said one student. The account was obviously created as a joke without bringing negative attention to students. 

These humorous Instagram accounts are popping up everywhere with many different themes. However, these accounts are not always made with positive intentions. On December 13th, an account for Marriot’s Ridge, similar to the Atholton Sleeping page, posted a school shooting threat on the account. Because of this, there is a heavy watch on these accounts for any other threats that pop up. The situation is extremely controversial and reflects very poorly on other school-themed student-ran accounts. 

The Instagram pages run by students allow for kids to express themselves in a free, uncapped, original manner. Despite this, they should be looked after by outside sources to prevent negative content or even threats. 

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