Evan Mcphearson knocks it through again and the Bengals are going to the Super Bowl 56! The Bengals have had a difficult route to the Super Bowl, from being 4-11 and last in the AFC North just last year, to beating the almost unstoppable Chiefs to go to the super bowl. 

Meanwhile the Rams haven’t had the easiest path either to the Super Bowl. They had to fend off the G.O.A.T Tom Brady and the Bucs. and came back from a 10 point deficit against the 49ers. Going into the Super Bowl the Rams have some key players injured. Their starting running back Cam Akers and breakout wide receiver Van Jefferson both are limited in practice. On the other hand the Bengals had a big scare with their goated tight end C.J Uzomah as he had to be carted off the field. Starting practice this week he said “I’m not missing out on the biggest game of my life”. The Rams have scored an average of 28 points throughout the playoffs while the Bengals have scored 24. 

If you don’t like Sports you can still watch the Super Bowl, and not just for the commercials. The Super Bowl halftime show will include Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar.

As an enjoyer of football myself I think that these are two very good teams, but in the end I have the Bengals winning 30-27, with Evan Mchperson kicking the game winner. The Bengals have been a surprise team all year by winning the AFC North and beating the Chiefs twice. The Rams aren’t an easy task but if they can beat the Chiefs (what I believe is the best team in football) they can beat the Rams. 

The spread between the two teams is the Rams -3.5 which means the Rams are expected to win by 4 points. If they only won by 3 or the Bengals win you would lose the bet if you bet the spread on the Rams. The over/under for the game is 48.5 meaning that if you bet that there will be 49 points or more scored total by both teams you win the bet. 

I think this will be a close game so in order for this to happen there are gonna have to be stand out players from both teams. I think for the Bengals it’s gonna have to be the dynamic duo on offense Ja’marr Chase and Joe Burrow. The Rams D-line is scary when going against a good O-line, so with the Bengals bad O-line Burrow is gonna have to get out of the pocket, extend plays and throw easy and short passes. Ja’marr Chase is excellent with both situations he has quick route running to get him open quickly on short passes, then has the break away speed to turn a 10 yard slant into a 50 yard touchdown. He also has the ability to notice the scramble drill when it’s starting and then has the ability to get open quickly. On the Rams side it’s gonna have to be Arron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. Aaron Donald is a monster D end who can quickly get past the O line and get to the quarterback. With the Bengals poor O line he is looking to have a field day against Joe Burrow, and stop him from getting out of the pocket or rush his quick passes. Jalen Ramsey has a big responsibility in this game he’s gotta be able to lock up the offensive rookie of the year Ja’marr Chase. He’s gonna have to play up and be able to stop those short passes because if Ja’marr catches that ball it’s already an 8 or 10 yard play with the ability to become bigger.  

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The Super Bowl MVP is a big honor, out of all the players on the field the NFL is saying you were the best on that field. I believe Ja’marr Chase will be this player; he will just be too much to handle for the Rams secondary. I think he’ll have a monster game with 238 receiving yards, two touchdowns and 11 receptions.Lets be honest the obvious outcome here is Joe Shiesty is taking it home. Nonetheless with the biggest game of the year being decided on Sunday this will be a great game

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