Lawson Mungo

Staff Reporter

21 February 2022

Varsity Basketball: record 12-3, next game Monday @Home @2/21/22- The Varsity basketball team has been pretty consistent this year, although they have gotten their first three losses in their past three games. I think they can turn that around tonight against Wild Lake and become #1 in the county again. I also asked Zach Callender about his thoughts on the three losses and how they will bounce back, and he said, “We will be fine.”

JV Boys Basketball: record- 11-3, next game Monday @Home, @2/21/22- The JV boys basketball team has been really efficient this season, although coming off a loss from Wild Lake Tuesday. I’ve talked to one of the players, Bryce Inabinet, about what he thought about the season so far. He said to me, “No comment”

Varsity Girls basketball: record- 11-2, next game Monday @Winters Mill High School 2/17/22-  The Varsity girls team has been on fire this season with winning three straight games. And hopefully continue to do so. I’ve talked to junior Samara Mims about what she thought about their season so far and she said, “We have been really consistent throughout the season with our chemistry.”

JV girls basketball: record- 6-7, next game Monday @Winters Mill High School @2/21/22- The Jv girls have been better from the last couple of weeks with almost getting back to that .500 record after coming off a win on Tuesday.

JV and Varsity Wrestling: Record- N/A (individual matches)  next match N/A (last match Friday 2/18/22) (tournament)- The wrestling teams have been really solid from what I heard this year, and get better and better every single match, with the JV and varsity playing at higher levels. I also talked to varsity wrestler Omar Palmer and he said, “Our guys get better and better and we hope to show that off in this tournament.”

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