Leila Shawel

Staff Reporter

29 March, 2022

You’re in your 4th period class with a rumbling stomach waiting for the lunch bell to ring. After what seems like ages, you finally hear the ding of the bell indicating that it’s now time to rush to the lunchroom. Lined up eager to see what’s in store and what might fill your hungry stomach. You end up in front of the door to the cafeteria and smell the enticing aroma of whatever might be for lunch today. “What would you like today?” you’re asked. A tray of food is given to you, then seated at a table with a group of friends, you take off your mask and take the magical first bite of lunch. Your hunger is finally satisfied. 

Although school lunch may not be a three star Michelin restaurant, waking up at 6:00 AM and rushing to your car to get to school may not be the most forgiving when it comes to eating a nutritious breakfast. So when it’s finally time to eat lunch, whatever is being served today is given the utmost appreciation. I ate 6 of the lunches being served at school over the past few weeks and decided to rank them based on how satisfactory they were. I based my ranking on appearance, taste, and overall enjoyment.

Day 1: Spicy chicken sandwich

The spicy chicken sandwich is one of the most beloved school lunches and I wasn’t disappointed when I tried it. The first bite I took was very hot making it a bit of an uncomfortable first bite, but the crispy chicken and the spicy palette made up for it giving it a 9/10 in my book.

Picture Courtesy: Leila Shawel

Day 2: Vegan chicken nuggets

Vegan nuggets were delicious taste wise, but the texture was weird. I would give it a 6/10. 

Picture Courtesy: Leila Shawel

Day 3: Corn dog

I ate the corn dog with ketchup. It was actually very good but the outside part was very dry. I tried it without the ketchup and it wasn’t nearly as good. I would rate the corn dog a 7.5/10.

Picture Courtesy: Leila Shawel

Day 4: Pepperoni pizza

The pepperoni did not look that appealing and the taste wasn’t that great either. The texture was weird and the pizza was extremely greasy. I was left with a queasy stomach and an unsatisfied palette. 3/10

Picture Courtesy: Leila Shawel

Day 5: Mozzarella sticks

Mozzarella sticks are very well liked amongst the Atholton population and I have to agree with the overall conesus. I would personally give the mozzarella sticks a 10/10

Day 6: Cheese quesadilla 

I really enjoyed the cheese quesadilla. I don’t hear much praise for it but I don’t hear much hate either. I think the cheese  are severely underrated and would give it a 9/10

Picture Courtesy: Leila Shawel

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