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May 9th 2022

The metal clink of hangers, the subtle scrutiny of dresses, thoughts of “not this one,” “maybe,” and “this is the one” racing through people’s minds. The smell of fresh laundry and the plastic click-clacking of heels–all of this could be found at Atholton’s Becca’s Closet giveaway. 

Becca’s Closet is an organization that was started by Rebecca of Nova High School in 2001, during her freshman year, when she single handedly collected and distributed over 250 dresses to girls across the South of Florida who were not able to afford prom dresses. She sadly passed away at 16 in 2003 due to an automobile accident, however her legacy has been carried on. Becca’s Closet distributes through “chapters” in each state which are all volunteer-led. Sophomore member Naomi McKenna mentioned how the branch here at Atholton is, “the only Becca’s Closet chapter in all of Maryland.”

The sponsor of the Becca’s Closet chapter at Atholton, Mrs. Bopst, explained that the event happens, “yearly around prom season, however I am in the works talking to Mr. Stuppy to see if the SGA could support a homecoming giveaway as well.”

The event this year was hosted on April 2nd 2022, and Becca’s Closet gave away “between eight hundred to nine hundred dresses,” according to Mckenna. This was an increase from their last event in 2019 where they gave away “over six hundred dresses,” according to Mrs. Bopst. 

Becca’s Closet has been waiting patiently to host this event for about two years because of COVID. Since the first meeting this year which was “during late first quarter, early second quarter,” according to Ava Alvarez, another Sophomore member. They had many meetings preparing for this event like one “to sort the first shipment of dresses, ..sort them by size, and get rid of the really horrendous ones.” said McKenna. 

The event allowed each student to take home “two dresses and one accessory” according to Mckenna, however she mentioned that towards the end of the event they “were just giving out as many as needed.” Mckenna also mentioned how there was a sign out sheet at the event, “where you had to detail how many dresses you took, what your thoughts were, and how well the event went.” The event was mainly advertised through posters, third period announcements, and emails. Also, Alvarez mentioned how County executive Calvin Ball “came and took a video with us and some pictures.”

Photo Credit: Mary Wilkenson

Becca’s Closet has always been about making sure everyone gets to enjoy prom no matter how much money they have. As Mrs. Bopst puts it, “I don’t think that cost should prohibit somebody from having this experience [prom], that’s why we do what we do.”

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