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27 May 2022

What is the draft? The NFL draft is when college athletes (seniors) declare for the NFL draft to play professional sports in the National football league (NFL). Once they get drafted, they are now pronounced as rookies of the NFL.

1st: Baltimore Ravens

Grade: A+

 I’m not trying to seem biased on my team but no lie the Baltimore Ravens had the best draft in this draft class. From requiring the best safety Kyle Hamilton at pick 14 after him being projected to go top 7 is a huge steal! Also with the Ravens requiring the best center in the draft Tyler Liderbaum at pick 25 is crazy. The Ravens also made big needs in the other rounds with getting OLD (Outside linebacker) David Ojabo in the 2nd round and defensive tackle Travis Jones in the 3rd is beyond nuts!.

2nd: New York Jets

Grade: A+

 The Jets set the tone in the first round of this draft. They acquired 3 top ten players just in the first round. With pick 4 they drafted in my opinion the best CB (Cornerback) in the draft Amaud “Sauce” Gardner. Following that pick they had the 10th pick of the first round and required in my opinion the best WR (Wide Receiver) in the draft Garrett Wilson. Their last pick in the draft they acquired DE (defensive end) Jermaine Johnson who fell all the way to pick 26 in the first round and he was projected to go top 15! The Jets crushed this draft and they have a bright future ahead of them.

3rd: Philadelphia Eagles 

Grade: A+

 The Eagles have gotten better since the off season started. I mean, not only getting a stud DT (Defensive Tackle) Jordan Davis, they acquired former Titans WR (Wide Receiver) and one of the best in the league A.J Brown.! The Eagles have also made some good picks to stack up that o line and with what they’re doing right now is looking to be really effective.

4th: Kansas City Chiefs 

Grade: A

The chiefs have had a tornado of an off season so far. Especially after losing probably the best deep threat and one of the best WRs in the league Tyreek Hill. Although after that, for that trade they did acquire 5 draft picks for him with 3 of those picks coming from this draft class. With them acquiring those picks, they did not disappoint. They ended up drafting CB Trent McDuffie at pick 29. But the main reason they also did so well is they had a boatload of picks, and they all came out good.

5th: Green Bay Packers

Grade: A

 The Packers have had some ups and downs this off season especially after losing The best WR in the league (in my opinion) Devante Adams. But that didn’t let the Packers get in the way of making moves. In the first round they acquired LB (Linebacker) Quay Walker who is a leader on the field. Later in this draft the Packers made a lot of focus on the defensive side of the ball, acquiring more Cbs, LBs, and DEs. This season the Packers are trying to make up for their losses this off season.

6th: Dallas Cowboys

Grade: A

 The Cowboys are also another team trying to make up for some losses in the off season. The biggest loss they had was losing their number 1 WR Amari Cooper (Browns). Now in the draft they had to make some replacements on both sides of the ball starting Guard Tyler Smith, Edge rusher Sam Williams, and WR Jalen Tolbert. Dallas recognized the need to reload fast and stayed the course with its board and I think it will play out really well.

7th Pittsburgh Steelers

Grade: A 

The Steelers haven’t made any huge pickups this offseason but after the retirement of Ben Rothlesburger and the emotional tragedy of Dwayne Haskins, they needed someone to battle with Mitch Tribisky. Which is why they drafted the first QB of the draft in the first round Kenny Pickett. That pick will help them now and later in the future. The Steelers also made some good moves this draft  acquiring WR (menace) George Pickens who is a “dog” on the field. Finally, the only question going around the NFL about the steelers is, “was Pickett the better pick over QBs like Malik Willis or others.

8th: Minnesota Vikings 

Grade: A-

The Vikings played no games in this draft and I only say that because they did not go for any risky players on their picks, they went for their biggest needs. They’re first two picks acquired to good DBs which were S (Safety) Lewis Cline and CB Andrew Booth Jr. These were two great pickups because not only did they need more secondary, those two players can learn from two of the best DBs of this decade Harrison Smith and DB Patrick Peterson. The Vikings had a good draft and not only these two but the other picks they got later in the draft including G Ed Ingram, LB Brian Asamoah, CB Akayleb Evans, will help them out as well.

9th: Seattle Seahawks

Grade: A-

The Seahawks is another one of those teams who just went through straight pain this offseason. The big main one they experienced was trading Russel Wilson and then not too long after cutting Bobby Wagner. But overall the Seahawks have been trying to bounce back from this draft and I say they partially did. First, in the first round they drafted OT Charles Cross, this helps them a lot because they needed a lot of offensive line help and this is a good help. After that they then drafte edge Boye Mafe and shortly after RB Kenneth Walker lll. The Seahawks are in full rebuild mode at this point and they’re trying to make a comeback.

10th: Tennessee Titans

Grade: A-

Now there were going to be a lot of questions for the Titans this season, after last year being knocked out by the Bengals in the 2nd round, and then on draft night trading away their star WR AJ Brown. But in the draft they made some pretty good replacements. In the first round to replace AJ Brown the Titans drafted WR Treylon Burks. They also drafted CB Roger McCreary after but in the 3rd round everybody had questions about them drafting QB Malik Wills. To me, I think Wills is a good fit for the titans with their scheme. Especially with having in my opinion the best RB in the league Derrick Henry in the back field, he will be just fine.

11th: Houston Texans

Grade: A-

I’m not trying to hurt any Texans fans but the only reason the Texans are even talked about in this draft is because of their 1st round 3rd pick draft choice Derrick Stingley Jr. Now Derrick Stingley is a generational talent. Even with him not playing for almost 2 years due to injury doesn’t change the fact for most people. But in my opinion, I don’t think the Texans should’ve risked drafting him due to his injury plus I think Sauce Gardner is the better Corner but it is close. After the 2020 season Stingley had as a freshman opened a lot of eyes. The LSU corner started to be the best corner that year. But other than that the Texans have had a good draft with also the pickups of G Kenyon Green, CB/S Jalen Pitre, and WR John Metchie III, which will help them at those needs.

12th: Los Angeles Chargers

Grade: A-

No, I’m going to be 100% honest with the offseason the Chargers had this year was so unreal they just needed to do one job in this draft and that is to make sure to acquire protection for their upcoming superstar quarterback Justin Herbert. And with that say their first pick they drafted G/OT Zion Johnson. Not long after they also picked up OT Jamaree Salyer and like I said they didn’t need to have an outstanding draft, they just needed to have a good one and they did.

13: Atlanta Falcons

Grade: B+

Now, the Falcons in my opinion have like no future ahead of them because of just where they are right now at the moment. Now the main big pick the Falcons made was drafting WR Drake London in the first round and in my opinion this is a good pickup but not the best, considering that I think Garret Wilson was the better option but there’s still no doubt that the pick wasn’t good. I really can’t make a prediction on a good Falcons season because I have no hope but about the draft they did pretty well. 

14: Indianapolis Colts

Grade: B+

The Colts have had a pretty good offseason so far and in this draft it added on to it. For them going for the biggest needs and picking up players, WR Alec Pierce,TE Jelani Woods, OT Bernhard Raimann, and S Nick Cross, it will help them up really well. But as far as big picks they didn’t have mainly because they didn’t have a first round pick but at the end of the day they seem to be building up a good team and they’re only getting better.

15: Carolina Panthers

Grade: B+

The Panthers did well to address their primary needs. Even though they didn’t have a lot of picks they still made them useful. The pick I liked the most, was drafting QB Matt Corral. Now they don’t have to keep trading for another veteran QB and they’re set for the future. Now with the off season the Panthers are young and they’re making some good and smart moves so I think they will do pretty good.

16: Denver Broncos

Grade: B+

The Broncos already made their huge in the offseason by using draft capital to acquire Russell Wilson. But this draft they also made some good moves by drafting players like EDGE Nik Bonitto, TE Greg Dulcich, and CB Damarri Mathis, who I think will help them the most in this season because it was their biggest need and they were the better players who were drafted. The Broncos are aiming to win now and from the looks of it right now they’re going to be dangerous.

17: Las Vegas Raiders

Grade: B+

The Raiders went to work late after giving up their first and second-round picks for Davante Adams. They got the ideal run blocker inside in Parham and White can be more of Josh McDaniels’ type of running back. Throw in Farrell and they did right by their board for new GM Dave Ziegler. But the Raiders are making some good moves considering they are in one of the best divisions in the league.

18: New Orleans Saints

Grade: B

Now for the Saints Olave and Penning were great picks to help upgrade the downfield passing offense for Jameis Winston in the first post Sean Payton season. Mickey Loomis also gave Payton’s defensive-minded successor Dennis Allen some good depth pieces. The only above-average grade reflects trading quantity for early quality and limited punch afterward. But they have also made huge moves in this off season so they will be a sleeper team this year.

19: Buffalo Bills 

Grade: B

The Bills filled their need for a big No. 2 cornerback pretty well with Elam, although Trent McDuffie or Andrew Booth Jr. would have been more ideal. After talking about taking a running back hire, Cook was a fine get as a complementary speed-quickness receiving type. Shakir and Araiza rounded things out by catching falling stars for wide receiver depth and a major punting upgrade. I think the Bills will have a great run for the super bowl this year.

20: Detroit Lions

Grade: B

The Lions draft is stamped by landing Hutchinson, the best player, for the pass rush at No. 2 and then a wise trade up to grab Williams as key extra big playmaker for the passing game. But after that it was only ok. From there definitely a knock for not thinking about quarterback and taking corner depth only very late. I still think it will be a couple years before the Lions become a playoff contender team but there’s never no hope for this year.

21: Cleveland Browns

Grade: B

The Browns used their early draft capital to get Deshaun Watson and didn’t get more by choosing not to deal Baker Mayfield during. With them acquiring players CB Martin Emerson, EDGE Alex Wright, WR David Bell, and DT Perrion Winfrey will help but their draft wasn’t really anything special. But,  Bell and Winfrey were incredibly needy values for them. To me the Browns are still a good team especially with getting Deshawn Watson they are a sleeper team.

22: New York Giants

Grade: B 

In the first round with the Giants nailing edge Kayvon Thibodeaux and OT Evan Neal. They reached other positional targets before ending with some decent values in Belton and Beavers. Cause after Kayvon and Neal they drafted players WR Wan’Dale Robinson, G Joshua Ezeudu, CB Cordale Flott, and (TE) Daniel Bellinger, who aren’t bad players but they aren’t the best players for the Giants at that time with them needing mainly d line and o line but overall wasn’t a bad draft for them.  

23: Cincinnati Bengals

Grade: B-

The Bengals smashed last year’s draft with Duke Tobin and they didn’t have any glaring pressing needs after some good offensive line moves in free agency. Although it was a bit curious to start with a good all-around safety in Hill given that’s a positional strength, they are thinking about a future contract. Taylor-Britt can have more immediate secondary impact and Cincinnati went to work well in depth. I think they will still be playoff contenders because they are a young team with a lot of talent.

24: Chicago Bears

Grade: B-

The Bears are another one of those teams who have lots of questions. The defense was strong overall with Gordon, Brisker and Robinson providing good impact for the pass defense without a first-rounder. The Bears, however, struggled to get Justin Fields the right much-needed offensive skill position help as Jones was a major speed-based reach. On the brighter side, Jones has potential to start at right tackle. Now with this draft it was ok, they didn’t get anyone big but they drafted CB Kyler Gordon, and S Jaquan Brisker who will help them with that secondary but overall a very ok draft for them.

25: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Grade: B-

The Buccaneers did a pretty good job addressing needs, getting Hall, Goedeke and Otton to help replace Ndamukong Suh, retiring Ali Marpet and maybe Rob Gronkowski, too. McCollum was a good depth pick later. There was just limited room for draft impact for Jason Licht after trading out of the first round for a little extra volume. This draft was clear for them to just acquire the biggest needs 

26: Jacksonville Jaguars

Grade: C

Trent Baalke and Doug Pederson are counting on the run-stuffing and explosive pass-rushing of Walker to prove them right in passing on Aidan Hutchinson. It also was strange for them to trade up to get Lloyd but also take Muma right after him. They also reached a bit desperate to replace retiring Brandon Linder on their offensive line. Their Day 3 picks were a bit random, too. The Jaguars also failed in getting needed young wide receiver help for Trevor Lawrence in Year 2. The shrinking volume from 12 picks is also questionable.

27: Arizona Cardinals

Grade: C

The Cardinals and GM Steve Keim set a questionable tone for the draft by giving up a first-rounder for Marquise Brown to appease Kyler Murray. McBride was the best tight end on the board, but there wasn’t a need with Zach Ertz and Maxx Williams back in the mix. They did well working on their front seven needs with the upside of Thomas and Sanders, but should have looked more at linebacker before Luketa late. Ingram and the rest of the Day 3 picks were OK but not close to shrewd in terms of finding value. The Cardinals would have been better off tapping into a strong wideout class later than getting Brown.

28: Miami Dolphins

Grade: C

The Dolphins were handcuffed into a quiet draft for GM Chris Grier and new coach Mike McDaniel given they gave up a total of five significant picks this year and the next for Tyreek Hill. Tindall did fill a need well to try to upgrade linebacker but there isn’t anything else to see here with a developmental pass rusher and passer late. I still think they will have success this year but it all depends on how Tua (QB) plays.

29: San Francisco 49rs

Grade: C-

The 49ers made a great first pick to fit their complementary pass-rushing needs away from Nick Bosa with Jackson in the second round. But this overall was rough for Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch without a first-rounder. Burford and Castro-Fields were good later picks to address needs, but reaching for Davis-Price and Gray was too offensively cute for Shanahan. As contenders who just made the NFC title game again, running back and wideout were not real concerns with Elijah Mitchell leading a run-first attack. At least San Francisco didn’t trade Deebo Samuel, but it also couldn’t trade Jimmy Garoppolo. Purdy was a fitting Mr. Irrelevant to add to the quarterback questions.

30: Los Angeles Rams

Grade: C-

The Rams went into the draft with the shrug emoji with no picks in the top 100. They got Bruises right away to fill an immediate need, but that was a reach with Cole Strange long gone. After that, Kendrick was by far their next best pick to fill a need as mid third-round talent. Then again, Sean McVay and Les Snead have proved they don’t need much from the draft for their team to remain a contender and take a shot at another Super Bowl with their veteran core. But honestly the free agent pickups they have made so far I wouldn’t be surprised if they go back to back.

31: Washington Commanders

Grade: C-

One word sums up the Commanders’ draft under Martin Mayhew, Ron Rivera and Scott Turner: “weird”. First, instead of staying put for ideal wideout Chris Olave, they traded down and reached a little for Dotson’s big-play speed. They like Alabama players, but Mathis is a pure depth guy and Robinson was an unnecessary luxury power back pick behind Antonio Gibson. The rest of the late haul was meh, including a forced reach for the falling and limited Howell as a pseudo contingency for Carson Wentz. I don’t think they’ll be bad this year, but I also don’t think they’ll make the playoffs.

32: New England Patriots

Grade: C-

The Patriots started by reaching for Strange’s third-round value in the first round and being too speed-enamored with Thornton. That came at the cost of no desperately needed top corner early. Marcus Jones was more their type of versatile defensive pick for Bill Belichick. There also was logic in taking Zappe to develop their next ideal backup QB. But taking two running backs is very odd, as well as taking more offensive linemen vs. addressing their massive need at linebacker at least once. But at the end of the day all football fans know by now, to never count out Bill Belichick (Head Coach)

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