Mary Wilkinson

Staff Reporter/Photographer

6 June, 2022

Before COVID-19 took over the world in spring of 2020, Coachella–an annual, two-weekend long, music festival–stole it first. 

The first weekend began on Friday, April 15 with Harry Styles, Daniel Caesar, Lil Baby, City Girls, and many other artists headlining. 

Harry Styles, wearing his iconic, signature style, started the weekend with his new single “As It Was,and the performer himself running about the stage. He ended Weekend One by singing ‘Man, I Feel Like a Woman,’ with Shania Twain. Styles used Coachella to leak his new song, “Boyfriends,” from his new upcoming album Harry’s House

Weekend Two of Harry Styles’ performance was better than the first week. Although it was the same set of songs, he invited American singer/rapper Lizzo to guest star and perform a cover of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” It was very enjoyable to watch two best friends do what they love to do. He ended his set with his very first hit singleSign of the Timesand sang passionately. As the song ended, the screen behind him lit up with the Ukraine flag. Overall, Harry Styles did a phenomenal job performing at his very first Coachella. I look forward to seeing him perform at future festivals. 

In 2019, the youngest performer showed her first appearance at Coachella: Billie Eilish. Now, three years later, the twenty year old Eilish headlined for this year’s Coachella. Eilish performed songs from her two albums: 2019’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and 2021’s Happier Than Ever. She played many of her most famous songs such as “My Strange Addiction,” “Happier Than Ever,” andYour Power.” She wore her classic knee pads, baggy shorts, and an oversized t-shirt. 

As a surprise guest star, American singer Khalid joins her to perform their 2019 hit single “Lovely.” The entire crowd danced and sang along with the renowned duo performing. The scenery of the stage had a euphoric effect that contrasted with the style of her music and outfit. 

During concerts, especially festivals, it is important as a performer to interact with the crowd and bring off vibrant, vigorous energy that makes the crowd feel welcomed and alive. All of the Coachella performers showed their own personality by wearing stylish clothes and playing their favorite songs that they love to share with their fans. It was a great experience to watch virtually, I highly recommend going in person to the festival or watching it virtually for free.

Posted by Morgan Ryan

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