Leila Shawel

Staff Reporter

7 June, 2022

Lacrosse was invented by Native American and Canadian tribes in the 1100’s. Initially, the sport involved hundreds of men playing at the same time without any protective gear. Now the sport has changed immensely, making it one of the most popular sports in the state of Maryland. Here at Atholton, we have a girls’ varsity lacrosse team, coached by Coach Winnand, and a great JV girls lacrosse team coached by Coach Craig.

“I really love the sport, and the environment created by the team makes me love it even more,” said Heather Bell, a JV player. Being on a team and belonging to a group in highschool can make teens less likely to feel left out. Not only can it ease the nerves of feeling alone but it can also introduce students to a lot of new people.

“It just feels amazing running on the field. That, even if we lose the sense of unity, is great,”
said Samantha Nguyen. Lacrosse is not an easy sport to play for a number of reasons. Since lacrosse relies heavily on the use of a stick, learning to maneuver it properly can make the playing process a bit tedious. “I play soccer and I’ve been playing for a while and that sense of athleticism definitely helped when I started to pick up lacrosse,” said Grace Varda.

Many of the players on the lacrosse team play other sports, making the adjustment into the season easier. “I also play field hockey, and took part in lacrosse conditioning here at Atholton during winter time,” said Victoria Edwards. Maddie Carter, another player for the varsity team said “I’ve been playing lacrosse for a while now and I play for a club team apart from the Atholton lacrosse team…I also try to keep active during the off season.”

The first game of the varsity season ended with a 3-11 loss to Westminster. However, their most recent game against Annapolis concluded with a more appealing score. The Lady Raiders finished with a score of 14-13. “I believe the key to a successful team isn’t only good players, but players that can cooperate and have a good team spirit,” said Coach Craig.

The Lady Raiders’ regular season concluded in May, with a win against Wilde Lake and ended with a score of 15-12. Their season finished with a 6-8 overall record.

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