Morgan Ryan and Natalie Zepf

Editor-in-Chief and Social Media Manager

13 June, 2022

Since we were kids most of us were convinced  that our teachers lived at the school day-in-day-out. However recent studies have shown that teachers actually have lives outside of school! Here at Atholton we have a variety of teachers doing a variety of things, here are a few:

Mrs. Kuntz – “Other than having my baby,  nothing I can think of!”

Mrs. Carr-Spence – “The one fun thing I plan on doing this summer is to create a podcast.”

Mr. Vennard – “I will mountain bike as much as I can!”

Señora Coates – “I’m going to join my husband on a trip and we are going to Portland Oregon, and then I believe in the middle of the summer that we are going to Northern Spain. We’re gonna travel, I have never been to barcelona. But we have relatives and friends that live in the north of Spain.”

From going to another country to going out and biking, Atholton’s teachers have an agenda to meet: enjoying their time away from the crazy hallways and lesson plans.

Posted by Morgan Ryan

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