The weather is terrible and you’re watching your favorite team blow a 20-10 lead in the second half. Early in week 4,  the Ravens dominated the Bills defense– scoring 20 points in the first half. Lamar’s seemingly absentminded passes majestically made their way into his receivers’ hands… The Bills high-powered offense fell flat in the first half, only scoring one touchdown with two turnovers. 

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When the second half began, the tide turned. The Ravens came out flat, getting out scored 13-0.  Ultimately losing to the Bills’  game winning field goal. The Ravens faced a fourth and goal on the 2 yard line with the game tied at 20 and instead of kicking a field goal, Coach Harbaugh elected to go for it. Lamar scrambled under pressure until he was forced to throw it to  the back of the end zone and it was picked off by Jordan Poyer with 4:15 left in the game. 

After the game John Harbaugh had this to say about going for it “if you kick a field goal there, now it’s not a three-down game anymore, it’s a four-down game. You’re putting your defense at a disadvantage because they’ve got four downs to convert all the way down the field, and score a touchdown”. This was deja vu for a lot of Ravens fans as they re-lived the week 2 heartbreaker against the Miami Dolphins. The Ravens lost a big game once again because they forgot how to play defense in the second half. 

Joe Burrow and the Bengals come into M&T Bank Stadium for Sunday Night. The Ravens need a bounce back win against a 2-2 Bengals team.

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