Tucker kicked a game winning field goal  with triple zeros hitting the clock and the ball goes straight through the uprights. At the end of this matchup it seemed like the Ravens’ defense allowed another comeback with the Bengals scoring a touchdown and  taking the lead inside of two minutes. Lamar Jacksonthen led the Ravens offense all the way down to the field goal range. 

This was an ugly offensive game for the Ravens as they only scored one touchdown. Jackson just couldn’t score on third down,  leading to more field goals for Justin Tucker. The Ravens defense were able to hold it together for most of the game only allowing one touchdown through three quarters. 

Lamar Jackson praised Justin Tucker after the game saying, “We’ve got the G.O.A.T kicker.” The Ravens defense tried to once again choke the game away, but thanks to a great drive led by Jackson and the leg of Justin Tucker, the Ravens were able to squeak out a win.

Ravens vs. Bengals: Takeaways from a last second win - Baltimore Beatdown
Photo courtesy of Google

The Ravens are set to play the 4-1 Giants led by the rushing attack of Saquan Barkley. The Ravens need to prepare for the run and be ready to go against a tough defense. 

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