Ayo Awofeso

Staff Reporter

18 October, 2022

Every Monday afternoon, young writers group together in room C154. One is writing high fantasy, another is writing crime and mystery, and another is writing a YA coming of age. Once everyone is ready, they set down to create another world through the page. Led by President Simi Adeniyi and co-presidents Basil Modrell and Jordan Neperud, the Creative Writing Club focuses on bringing out ‘the inner writer’ in its members. For some, writing outside of school may sound like a chore, but the club presidents focus on making the club a fun and safe space for people to work on their writing.

“This club is for creative writers to expand on their talent and what they’re able to do,” said Adeniyi, who introduced the club as a way for writers to flex their skills and explore their creativity. She finds the club useful to her outside writing, although it’s not considered supplementary. She went on to say that it was “a regular place to keep on writing, and get practice.” 

For this school year, the club sets its sights on opening new ventures. Although nothing has been set in stone, the presidents are entertaining the idea of events outside of their weekly meets. Modrell mentioned that they plan “to have some Raider time events [and] some workshops.”

President Adeniyi’s goals lie in expanding the club and their members’ literary skills, “Writing is the type of thing where you can never really ‘peak’. There’s always something to do better, and there’s always a place where you feel lost that other people can help you in.”

In Neperud’s words, it can be “a good way to meet people who are good at writing.” One of her personal goals is to make sure that people can talk, make friends, and feel comfortable in the group to write and share with one another. “We stress making this a safe space beyond the basic definition,” she explained. Members are able to express themselves, creating a more relaxed environment for everyone. “It can be therapeutic, but it doesn’t have to be.” In the Creative Writing Club, comfort and fun take first place. “It’s a pretty lax environment, you’re not going to feel a lot of pressure,” Adeniyi concluded. 

Adeniyi offers a spot in the club to anyone with “a desire to write.

If you want to write, not even if you write but just if you want to write, you should definitely join this club. If you are confused, if you are someone who writes a lot, if you love writing, if you hate writing, you should definitely join this club.”

Posted by Ayo Awofeso

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