Trisha Hande

Staff Reporter

21 November, 2022

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.” – Peter Drucker. If you resonate with this quote at all, you might want to consider joining It’s Academic next year.  

 It’s Academic is a competitive trivia club like Jeopardy which features a diverse range of categories and questions. Winning one of these competitions can be a gateway to different opportunities- it can be a good addition to your college application, lead you to compete in more competitions, and it is just a good way to improve your general knowledge.

  A few of the categories demonstrated in this club are humanities, the arts, languages, and literature. Mr Stuppy, the sponsor of the club, writes that his favorite categories are literature, television, and film. 

Stuppy also informs that the meetings are held in room C150, and that they meet the first and third Wednesday of each month. In preparation for their next yearly competition, the club meetings are often used as practices: “students compete in trivia competitions against one another. Soon we will use the time to do some general research and study question types,” Stuppy explains. 

What encouraged Mr.Stuppy to decide to sponsor this club was his passion for trivia and game shows. He enjoyed the thought of working with students who shared this similar hobby. If you have ever enjoyed watching a game of jeopardy or jumped at a chance to play trivia with your friends or family like him, this club could be a good match for you.

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