Kennedy Burnett

Staff Reporter/Photographer

9 February 2023

The Atholton Girls Varsity basketball team has triumphed through injuries by staying competitive while transitioning through their rebuilding phase. The Atholton Girls Varsity basketball team continues to work hard and improve as they persevere through the second half of their basketball season. The Atholton Girls Varsity basketball consists of twelve players from different athletic backgrounds as they test the waters to find their chemistry. The only challenge that the team faces is that they do not get enough coverage and support from the school. “We have a lot of talented athletes on the basketball team and they are also kids who play multiple sports. They are very hard workers, who choose to stay committed to the sport. Overall, they are a very good group of kids, ” said Coach Reynolds.

The most memorable game of the season so far was their game against Reservoir, where the Atholton Raiders beat the Reservoir Gators by 55-22. “Reservoir is actually very close to Atholton, so it tends to be a popular game.  As far as the team in general, we were able to come out with a successfully executed game plan and we were able to get their best players on foul trouble early, which took a toll on their team’s production and therefore we were able to capitalize on that,” reflected Coach Reynolds. The girls did a great job during this game because every player was able to contribute in some way to help the team beat Reservoir. The girls’ teamwork was the hallmark of their success in that game because it created a lasting impact on the team’s overall reputation.

After the loss of nine seniors last year, the varsity basketball team is now led by only one senior, Samara Mims. Coach Reynolds observed, “There’s a lot of responsibility and expectations which fall on her. She does a great job setting the tone for the team. She has done an incredible job bringing everyone together because she makes sure that everyone feels included on the team.” Samara Mims has been on the varsity basketball team since she was a freshman and she has used her skills to prove her worth and value on the team. She has recently signed on to Johnson & Wales University Charlotte Campus, N.C., where she will continue to use her leadership skills as she transitions to college life. She believes that her time on the team has taught her “to never give up, matter what,” and that she can face the toughest challenges to reach the end. 

The girls’ basketball team encourages the Atholton community to continue supporting them by going to their games as much as they can so that they can get the full exposure that they rightfully deserve. Coach Reynolds explained the challenge by stating that there are not too many outlets for the girls’ basketball information to get spread out to. Coach Reynolds also has an idea of how to combat this most recent exposure issue. “I think that we will continue to try to set up more double header varsity games,” Coach Reynolds proposed. “I think it brings out the most excitement to both the girls and guys programs.” Both basketball teams got more exposure when double header varsity games got set up. At the Howard vs. Atholton double header varsity game, the stands were packed with basketball fans from both schools, whether they were there to see the guys play or the girls play. The best way for the Atholton community to give the varsity girls basketball team support is going to their games as well as giving them outlets to spread their information. The school needs to create a united front to combat sports from getting less support than others. The Atholton student community should support all sports. 

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