Lydia Yergr

Staff Reporter

27 February, 2023

Black Student Union, also known as BSU, has prepared their educational, and entertaining Black History Month assembly for this year; but what else was in store for the BSU team?

 BSU not only puts on an important assembly for students to learn more about the history of Black History Month, and why people should recognize it, but they also create other events leading up to the assembly. Door decorations are a big tradition of Black History Month at Atholton, and winning the design is just as exciting. Spirit days organized by the BSU, also help create a fun and educational experience for students to learn more and participate in Black History Month. These other activities and events are just as important as the assembly and can contribute to the learning experience of Black History Month.

The spirit days consisted of certain themes, like culture day, toddlers and elders, met gala, internet aesthetics, and duo day. This was an opportunity for all students to show their creativity, while also supporting BSU. 

“I was excited to see what people were going to wear on spirit days… I know a lot of people show up and show out and seeing people on internet aesthetics and duo day was really fun,” Maisi Ball, a member of BSU said.

She explained that the importance of the Spirit days was for students to show their creativity, while also supporting BSU. She explained that it took a lot to prepare for these spirit days and choosing the themes, but it all came together in the end. She also mentioned how there were fundraisers, to raise more money, and BSU is planning to maybe put on a dance in the Spring, but it is not yet confirmed. 

“I think it’s really important to plan these kinds of activities, because I think it brings unity to the school, and I think bringing unity to the school is very important,”she said. 

Door decorating was another important activity that Atholton participated in during BHM. Mrs. Chaudhry, a GT Research teacher, was one of many who was proud of her students’ door design. The door consisted of designs from the new Black Panther movie. The message of the door was to inspire young kids, and teach them about innovators that can create their own spaces in film making. All doors send a message, and Mrs. Chaudhry explained that every door’s message was important to everyone. 

The door decorating is very exciting, and students are able to communicate their creativity and send good messages, about BHM, and other messages. Mrs. Chaudhry explained how her favorite part of the decorating was seeing the door itself come together, with all of the hard work that went into it. 

“Watching them take simple cardboard boxes and glue guns to make the door and paint over it, and then working together…and watching it come together in the end and not knowing what it would look like, it was even better than what we could have hoped for,” she explained. 

With all of this preparation, the BSU was able to add other fun activities for students to participate in, while also becoming educated. Celebrating Black History Month is very important, and the BSU wants to showcase that by providing other events like the door decorating and spirit days, as well as learning through the BSU assembly. 

“People need community… so these activities bring a sense of community, and people can see people, and let themselves have similar goals,” said Maisi Ball.

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