Month: March 2023

MSCHF’s Astro Boy Boots: Blown Out of Proportion

Imani Smith Online Managing Editor 8 March 2023 Image courtesy of: Wisdom Kaye The internet never fails to feed the flames of debate when it comes to the latest fashion trends. The most recent controversy […]

Wonderful Weekend at the Workshop

Luke Strovel Staff Reporter 6 March 2023 The Atholton Bands have never been tested more. Through hours of playing, hard work, and evaluation, the musicians needed to push themselves like never before. But was it […]

POMs and the Raider Cup

Story By: Sophia Weaver
Image Courtesy of: the POMs Team

Target to Trash: Sustainability in Fashion

A sweater is listed on H&M. In a day, H&M’s whole stock will be bought out and set for shipment. In a week, someone will receive this sweater and post pictures of their outfit online. In two more weeks, it will be donated, sitting beside similarly created clothing in a secondhand store. In another two weeks, it will be sitting in a landfill, among thousands of clothing items just like it.