The NFL season ended in dramatic fashion with a game winning field goal in superbowl 57 for the chiefs. Now that the season is over, free agency is now upon the league. Some of the biggest names in football are getting signed or traded. There are teams like the Panthers who are acquiring the number one overall pick for 2023 from the Bears giving away their best receiver in D.J. Moore. Or the Dolphins strengthened their already great defense with Jalen Ramsey. Here are some more of the biggest signings/trades in NFL free agency. 

Giants trading for Darren Waller: The former Las Vegas Raiders tight end is a great pickup for the Giants. Adding more weapons for Daniel Jones is just what he needed. Waller is a 6’6 tight end with excellent route running and great speed. Waller will also be very helpful in the run game as he is a great blocking tight end for Saquon Barkely. 

Dolphins trading for Jalen Ramsey: This might have been the best trade in NFL free agency. The Dolphins defense was already stacked with names like Xavien Howard and Jevon Holland in the secondary. Jalen is a lockdown defender and can cover any of the number 1 receivers in the AFC East. 

  Ravens signing Odell Beckham:  The recent superbowl champion is headed to Baltimore. The Ravens have been needing an experienced wide receiver for a while now. The Ravens second year man Rashod Bateman can learn from Odell who has now been in the league for 9 years now. This signing is also huge because there is speculation that Lamar Jackson will stay in Baltimore. If this is true this is huge for Baltimore because without Lamar they won’t be able to go far in the playoffs. 

Jets trading for Aaron Rodgers: The future hall of Famer is exactly what the jets needed to make a serious playoff run. Last season the jets defense was able to keep every loss but 4 games a one score game. Their wide receivers all had excellent seasons and their running back had a breakout season, but they still finished 7-10. The issue was very clearly the QB the Jets started three different quarterbacks this season and none of them can prove themselves. This is why getting Aaron Rodgers is going to be huge for them and put them in contention for a superbowl.

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Lamar Jackson being signed by the Ravens: The drama is now over the Ravens finally reached a deal with Jackson. The former MVP is the most important piece for the Ravens offense. Now the Ravens have given Lamar another weapon in Zay Flowers, a dangerous speedster who will fit in perfectly in the Ravens wide receiver core. This could be a great year for the Ravens including a deep playoff run if the team can stay healthy. Coming off an injury Lamar is set to have a great year.  

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