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Stay Calm and Prom on at the Hotel at Arundel Preserve

Story by Trisha Hande and Yalda Rohani
Photo Courtesy of SGA ’24

Atholton Allied Sports: A Team of Friendship

Story by: Sophie Saunders
Image Courtesy of: Mona Weinberg

Target to Trash: Sustainability in Fashion

A sweater is listed on H&M. In a day, H&M’s whole stock will be bought out and set for shipment. In a week, someone will receive this sweater and post pictures of their outfit online. In two more weeks, it will be donated, sitting beside similarly created clothing in a secondhand store. In another two weeks, it will be sitting in a landfill, among thousands of clothing items just like it.

Atholton’s Jazz Band is Back in Full Swing

Story By: Kevin Sutton
Image Courtesy of: Austin Adaranijo

2022 NFL Season Kickoff

By: Evan Huggins
Photo Courtesy of Google

Jack Harlow album review

By: Evan Huggins
Photo courtesy: Google

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Road to Equal Pay

Leila Shawel Staff Reporter June 14, 2022 In 2015, the women’s World Cup final was the most watched soccer game on a U.S. network. It brought in a 16 million dollar revenue boost for the […]

Atholton Athletes Take It to the Next Level

Story By: Sophie Saunders
Mary Wilkinson//Raider Review