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What’s the Verdict?

Story by: Moian Broadus

Covid, shutdowns, new school what’s next: a zombie invasion?

Howard county school district has redistricted many high schoolers due to a various number of reasons. This was already put in place before the world wide pandemic occurred that made schools shut down.

Scouts Are Prepared for Anything- Even a Pandemic

Story by: Sam Nixon
Photo credit to: Jomar Maldonado

Cooler weather can mean many things like wearing hoodies and sweaters, snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa, and getting ready for the holiday season. What it also means are illnesses such as colds, flu, and allergies are back in full swing. Plus, now there’s the latest and most deadly sickness of the twenty-first century, coronavirus. All activities and everything else will be shut down all over again, including scouting.

Learning During a Pandemic

No one ever expected this kind of lifestyle, nor were they prepared.

Story by: Rae Harrison
Photo Courtesy: Google

Developing A Virtual Photography Class

He strolled over to the sink where a couple of his students were developing their film. He answered a few of their questions and then he was off into the darkroom, letting his eyes adjust to the shadowy room. As he walked through the room, he began inquiring about his students’ work and cracking jokes along the way. His next stop was the computer lab where a few students were modifying their digital photographs. He offered them tips, such as the best way to change the background of their picture.
Story by Shannon Quigg.
Photo courtesy of Jed Hobbs, depicting loneliness.

Understanding the Coronavirus

Catch the latest on the hysteria surrounding today’s pandemic: Coronavirus.