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Adobe Flash Player is No More

Web games, animations, mobile apps, and videos; the Adobe Flash Player did it all for 25 years and its company finally decided to retire its services permanently in 2021.
Story by: Mahalia Savage
Art Courtesy of: Mahalia Savage

12 Highly Anticipated Novels of 2021

While the long-awaited end of 2020 is something that we can all look forward to, here are some hot new books coming out in 2021 that should be equally exciting.
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Both sides of the equation for online learning

Dealing with COVID – 19 has changed many things for everybody, including how teachers instruct, how students learn, and how students all relate to each other. While some students may find online learning more challenging than in-person learning, others may find it easier.
Story by: Evan Huggins

Virtually No Artists Expected the Pandemic but the Online World Accepted them Nonetheless

Whether you’re an artist or not, everyone can agree this pandemic has affected each and every person in a positive or negative way. With some artists, the pandemic has given them more time to work on big projects they have always wanted to do. With others, it’s made them unable to do any art at all.
Story by: Natalie Zepf
Photo Courtesy of: Julia Chen

Cosplay, Quarantine and Cabin Fever: Cosplayers stuck inside for Covid-19 lockdown

Cosplayers are no longer able to see each other face-to-face with the increase of corona virus spread. Their everyday Halloween, for now, is cancelled.
Story by: Mahalia Savage
Photo Courtesy of: Kip

Art: The Perfect Way to Destress During a Pandemic

As she hunches over a blank sheet of paper, clutching a bar of charcoal in her hand, the shape of a girl forms. It’s herself. First the eyes, then the nose, her lips, and face. Lastly the most prominent figure on her drawing appears: her hijab.

Story by: Sumaya Abdel-Motagaly
Photo Courtesy of: Selma Hassanien

A Successful Podcast About Success

It’s one minute before showtime. She’s ready to go and goes over everything one last time. Then all of a sudden, the lights are not working, the camera is falling, and the computer is crashing. But that doesn’t stop her. She gets more lights, uprights her camera, and fixes the computer– all parts of starting and running a successful podcast.
Story by: Sravya Tallapragada
Picture Courtesy of: Yara Ayache

Exercise: Clears Your Mind while Working Your Muscles

The world has fallen into a pandemic, leaving some people feeling isolated, alone, and stressed. Despite the current state of the world, it is still important to maintain good mental and as well as physical health.
Story by: Jordan Moore
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Pawsitive News: Pet Adoption and Foster Numbers are Rising

Animal shelters are empty. Due to the pandemic and people being required to stay home more than normal, many have decided to adopt a pet.
Story By: Morgan Ryan
Photo Courtesy of: Judy Danaher

AHS Marching Band Goes Digital

Gabriel Schauf Staff Reporter 1 December 2020 Neal readied his mallets. He waited, patiently, for that 8th beat to start playing. “5, 6, 7, 8.” The metronome continues, and his mallets follow along. The run […]